Bepannaah: Aditya to repent over his hatred for Zoya


Zoya attempts suicide. Aditya gets informed about her from Noor. Aditya rushes to meet Zoya and finds her in a critical state. He encourages Zoya to fight for her life, as she can’t die for the man who cheated her in a pure relation of love. Aditya admits Zoya in the hospital. Doctors treat Zoya. Aditya wishes Zoya recovers. He regrets over his angry behavior. He thinks of the times when he vented out his hatred on Zoya. Zoya soon recovers. Aditya meets her with an apology. He didn’t mean to drive her to the core of ending her life.

Mahi asks the nurse to shift Zoya to general ward as she can’t bear the medical expenses further. Mahi worries about the hospital bill. Aditya tells the nurse that Zoya should get the best treatment and he will bear all the medical expenses.

Zoya gets surprised when the interns visit her at the hospital and get gifts to cheer her mood. She will learn about Aditya’s efforts behind it. Police finds Yash’s phone dumped in some bin. They send the phone for further investigation. Arjun reads Pooja’s diary to know more about her. Police investigates the case and calls up Waseem. Aditya starts changing his terms with Zoya. Will Aditya soften his heart towards her? Keep reading.


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