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Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi asks Tanu to help him adopt a girl child from the adoption centre, but Tanu refuses him instantly saying she wants to concentrate on winning Mrs. India contest and don’t want to adopt any baby. Abhi gets upset after his attempts fail to convince her. He goes to the bar and drinks there. He tells Purab that he never felt the need of having a child. Purab comes there to take him home. Abhi shares his pain with him, how he was living a painful life since Pragya left, and never took her name or let anybody talk about her, but today a girl reminded him of Pragya and he took her name after 8 years. He thinks if Pragya would have been with him then they would have blessed with a girl or boy. Purab understands his emotional pain going in his heart.

Piyaa Albela:
Meghna’s haldi ceremony completes, but she gets allergic to the haldi. She gets troubled. She wipes off all the haldi. Meghna cries and gets sorrowful. Kunal’s parents don’t want Kunal to marry Meghna.

Harak Singh conspired attack on him with Kishan Lal’s help to garner sympathy from Harman and Preeto, so that they get diverted from searching Soumya and concentrate on his safety from Kishan Lal. Harman and Preeto don’t know about Harak Singh mastermind attack on himself and show genuine concern for him. Harak Singh meets Kishan LaL and asks him to search Soumya along with Kareena and kill her there itself. He plans Soumya’s death and spread fake rumours so that Harman stops searching her and marries Jasleen. Harman gets drunk. He cries for Soumya. Preeto and Jasleen try to explain him that Soumya will always be in heart. He is in big shock. He can’t accept that Soumya is not in his life now. He falls numb when he realizes Soumya won’t come back to him. Jasleen gets worried for his traumatic state. Preeto asks Jasleen to be with Harman and get him out of this bad phase.


Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara and Kabeer’s romance will be seen. Kabeer forgets all his annoyance when he falls in a moment with Zara. Zara gets happy that Kabeer isn’t sticking to his rudeness. It all turns out to be a dream. Kabeer longs for her and wants to break the ice. He doesn’t want Zara to stay away. Zara too wants their arguments to end. Zara also wants their relation to get fine. They both have a dreamy romance.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Sahil have a romantic dance. Sahil’s yearning for Vedika gets evidence. Sahil surprises her with wonderful romantic preparations. Vedika gets flowed in emotions. She still restricts herself. Sahil confesses love to her. He asks Vedika to believe him for once and acknowledge his feelings. He promises not to disappoint her ever in their life. Sahil gifts her a beautiful necklace. Vedika understands Sahil’s true feelings. He asks her to drop their age difference factor from mind and see him just as a spouse. Sahil gives her the good news that he has become his company’s MD. He celebrates his happiness with Vedika. He tells her that she is very lucky for him. He asks her to hold his hand and be with him in his life’s journey.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi and Deep plan a London Trip to outdo each other. Its a final chance for Aarohi to exact her revenge on Deep. Aarohi has to find out her sister-in-law, who is help captive by Deep. She can just make Deep spell out the truth by his will. She tries hard to use Deep against himself and get to know his secrets. Deep makes a new game with new rules. Aarohi gets prepared to aim at Deep, and just waits for the right chance. Aarohi plans his destruction.

Laado 2:

Shaurya confronts Anushka and asks her not to lie. Anushka tells him everything and clears that she wanted to tell him about her truth, but Shagun and Amrish stopped her citing Dadi’s health condition. She tells that later on knowing about Shagun’s truth, she wanted to tell him, but again stopped due to Dadi. She tells him that even though she got engaged to him, but the ring and his love will only be for Juhi. Shaurya is very angry and feels cheated by her. He goes through a turmoil of emotions and wonders where is Juhi, if she is alive or not. He doesn’t realize that he fell for Anushka thinking her to be Juhi. Anushka assures him that they both will find Juhi soon.

Vivaan gets hitting the punching bag and gets his frustration out. He gets stuck between Roma and Meera’s arguments. He doesn’t know who is true between Roma and Meera. His ears get aching when Roma and Meera start firing at each other in front of him. He gets fed up seeing their fight. He asks them to keep him away from their personal problems.


Aditya and Zoya get helpless and come closer. They take a big step to get married. Aditya and Zoya’s marriage will be seen. They appear happy together. They fall in trouble when a stranger enters their lives. Police doubts on Aditya and Zoya’s love story running since years. Officer gets their pictures. He blames Aditya and Zoya for planting the evidences against Yash and Pooja’s affair. Officer targets Aditya and Zoya. He accuses them for murdering their spouses by planning their accident. Mahi is also involved in playing the tricks. Aditya and Zoya will be punished for the murder charges.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Ilaychi and her friend visit Murari’s shop. Ilaychi asks her dad to allow her to go to Manali on a school trip. Murari doesn’t permit her. Ilaychi’s friend says my dad has also permitted me, let Ilaychi come. He refuses. Ilaychi emotionally blackmails him. Murari asks her to first study hard and earn good marks. Ilaychi tells him that people lose happiness by the greed for marks, its better that they leave expectations. He asks her to better fail, but not give any lecture. He permits her to go on the trip. She asks him to give some money. Principal visits his shop. Murari asks him will Ilaychi pass this year. Principal tells him that this question can’t be answered by anyone, you have to ask any fortune teller about this. Murari asks about the school trip to Manali. Principal tells them that there is no such school trip, Ilaychi is surely lying. Murari catches Ilaychi’s lie. Ilaychi and her friend run away to get saved from Murari’s anger. Principal laughs on Murari’s bad upbringing.


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