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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira and Bulbul want Vijay to have a good future. Mandira offers him help in Prabbhat’s case, but he refuses to her. Bulbul wants to save Vijay from Pankaj’s plotting. Mandira exposes Pankaj by provoking him to confess his crimes. Vijay and his family take a retro look for the special celebrations. The women show off their interesting styles of the retro times. The family celebrates Agastya’s success in the elections. Agastya gives the credit to Vijay and his hardwork. Agastya has become a minister now. They all feel proud of Agastya and find him lucky for the party. Agastya stays grounded.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Babbu learns that Nimki is captured by Nahar Singh. Nimki falls in big trouble. Babbu fights with the goons to save her. Babbu and Tunne shoot at the goons to stop them from shooting at Nimki. The firing goes on. Nimki hides behind the car. She likes Babbu’s heroic entry. Babbu has saved her for his own motives. She is much innocent. She believes Babbu and his love blindly. Babbu takes Nimki back to Singh house.



Pinky welcomes Anika home with a happy heart. She then sees Shivay’s attention getting more on Anika. She doesn’t feel insecure at first, as she was dying to see Shivay and Anika together. Pinky wanted Roop’s conspiracies to come to an end. She wants her son to stay happy in his marriage. She gets hopeful of happy times coming home. Pinky realizes her birthday is arriving soon. She waits for the family members to gift her something amazing and plan a grand birthday party for her. She doesn’t find anyone enthusiastic about her birthday. She goes to talk to Shivay and finds him occupied with Anika. She stays upset with Shivay for not remembering her birthday. Everyone hides their preparations from her. They secretly plan for the party.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman gets much sad that he came to know the real culprit, and still he is unable to do anything to get Suraj arrested. He wants Suraj to get punished for running the illegal racket and ruining lives. Ishita tells Raman that very soon Suraj will be committing some mistake that he lands in trouble on his own.


Pooja’s mum Sakshi keeps Pooja’s jewelry mortgaged. Aditya’s mum Anjana learns the matter and informs him. Aditya has to either support his mum or Sakshi. Anjana and Sakshi have an argument. Anjana feels its a deceive with Aditya. She scolds Sakshi for cheating them, just like Pooja cheated them. Aditya then sides with Pooja’s mum. Anjana shows the proof against Sakshi. Aditya asks Anjana to talk with manners. Anjana asks him to believe her, she isn’t mad to shout without any reason. She shows the receipt and tells Aditya that Sakshi has sold Pooja’s bridal jewelry. She asks Sakshi why did she sell jewelry for money, what was the need.


Sameer turns into an angry young man when he sees someone insulting women. Its about Soumya this time, that makes him lose his cool. Sameer waits for Soumya at the shop. She comes from temple. He asks her where was she. She says I had gone to the temple, I got bit late, she had gone to the lake after completing the puja. Her mood stays bad. He asks her the reason. She tells him that she is doing her work. He says our work didn’t start yet. A man comes to buy a toy. He flirts with Soumya. Sameer asks the man did he come to buy a toy or hit at Soumya. He gets raging when a man person misbehaves with Soumya.

Laado 2:

Anushka reaches Veerpur to find Juhi. She wants to unite Shaurya and Juhi. She doesn’t want to face Malhari. She is scared of Malhari and feels like shattering. She gains courage for Shaurya’s sake. She wants to face her past only to fulfill her duties towards her friend. She attends a special puja in the village. She is hopeful that Juhi is around. She has stepped in with big responsibilities. Anushka tells Shaurya that they can find Juhi and also pass a message to her. Shaurya keeps a painting at the temple. He knows if Juhi sees the painting, she will identify it and understand he is around. Juhi sees the painting. She gets a shock seeing the painting she made in childhood.

Kundali Bhagya:

Rakhi calls Preeta and invites her family for puja. Preeta assures her that they will come. Meanwhile, Neil and his goons come to Sarla’s house to kill Preeta. They realize soon that Shrishti was the one who witnessed the crime. They kidnap Shrishti and take her from there. Preeta, Rishabh, Karan and Sameer get shocked and begin searching for Shrishti. Shristi struggles for her life at kidnappers’ place. Preeta tries to save Shrishti from Neil and wonders why she was kidnapped. Prithvi accuses Karan for Taapsi’s murder. Preeta takes a stand for Karan and tells that he can’t murder anyone. Prithvi wants Preeta and Karan’s friendship to end. Preeta proves her belief in Karan, which makes the latter glad.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
A new problem arises for the royal family. Ratan and Diya save the family members from the imposter. The family stays hungry. They wish Diya gets some food. Diya gets the grains and asks them to cook food in the hideout. They all question Diya for breaking their expectations. The women cook the food together. Diya gets glad seeing the family staying together in a tough time. The problems bring everyone closer.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira and family women catch Kabeer, when the latter was trying to kidnap Naira. Naira ties up Kabeer with ropes by throwing chilli powder in his eyes to torture. She then takes Kabeer on the roads, between the public to expose his crimes. She humiliates Kabeer publicly. She reprimands him for spreading fear in her mind. She teaches a lesson of lifetime to Kabeer, so that no stalker attempts to ruin any girl’s life again. Later on, Naira finds out Shubham’s drug addiction. He requests her not to tell about it to Manish or anyone in the family. Naira promises to keep his secret. She helps him fight with his drug addiction. Shubham feels guilty of the entire matter when he didn’t reveal Kabeer’s truth to Naira for how own selfish motives. He apologizes to her and admits that he was selfish to just get drugs from Kabeer. Shubham faces troubles while dealing with a drug peddler. Naira comes to his rescue.


Chakor saves Suraj from the naxals. She saves many innocent lives, when she was compelled to place an explosive in order to save Suraj’s life. Chakor didn’t do any wrong work and succeeded to get Suraj safely. Chakor gets police’s help. They land safely at the police station. Suraj and Chakor have a cute argument. Suraj tells her that he had a belief that she will save him. Chakor cares for his wounds. She tells him that they will soon return to Aazaadgunj. Inspector gives them that good news that they have caught the Naxals. He says you will be getting the reward from government for helping police catch the criminals.


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