Ishqbaaz: Shivay’s special surprise for Pinky’s birthday


Pinky welcomes Anika home with a happy heart. She then sees Shivay’s attention getting more on Anika. She doesn’t feel insecure at first, as she was dying to see Shivay and Anika together. Pinky wanted Roop’s conspiracies to come to an end. She wants her son to stay happy in his marriage. She gets hopeful of happy times coming home. Pinky realizes her birthday is arriving soon. She waits for the family members to gift her something amazing and plan a grand birthday party for her. She doesn’t find anyone enthusiastic about her birthday. She goes to talk to Shivay and finds him occupied with Anika. She stays upset with Shivay for not remembering her birthday. Everyone hides their preparations from her. They secretly plan for the party.

A jeweler visits home and gives a jewelry box to Pinky. Pinky gets delighted and thinks its Shivay’s gift for her. Shivay comes to her and takes the box from her. He asks the jeweler why didn’t he inform him before coming, its good he has seen him coming, else his plan would have failed.


The jeweler tells him that he would have come early in the morning, but the artist took more time to deliver it. Shivay thanks him. He tells Pinky that he has ordered the special necklace for Anika. He says I have to hide this from Anika, its a surprise for her, thank God she didn’t see this. He goes away without wishing her. She gets upset and wonders if he really doesn’t remember her birthday. She says he had arranged a gift for his wife, he could have at least wished me. She feels upset. Shivay has got the gift for Pinky. He lies to her so that he can surprise her and give her immense happiness. Shivay, Anika and entire family shower their special surprise on Pinky, which leaves her stunned.


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