Laado 2 marks a closure: Anushka to get title of Veerpur’s real Mardani

Anushka Shaurya engaged Tellyreviews

Anushka has come back to Veerpur. She brings a big change in the village. Malhari and Rantej’s crimes get known. The villagers protest against the evil doers. Anushka saves Juhi. She unites Shaurya and Juhi. Anushka takes the bold avatar. She wants to end Malhari’s rule in Veerpur. Anushka finally succeeds and gets justice for Yuvraaj’s death. Anushka takes revenge from Malhari for torturing Juhi till now. Villagers want to kill Malhari and Rantej. They get fire torches and try to burn the haveli. Shaurya stops them. Juhi gets thankful to Anushka for saving them.

Shaurya and Anushka ask villagers not to enter the haveli. They get inside and catch Rantej. Inder’s truth also gets known to everyone. Villagers feel sorry for all the tortures that was happened on Juhi and Meera. Shaurya secures Meera as well. Meera tells everyone that Rantej has kept her captive to torture her.

Anushka asks Meera to forget the sorrowful past. She asks Juhi and Meera to feel free from all the evil cages and live happy. She thanks the villagers for supporting her. She feels her work in Veerpur got over, as she has got justice for Jhanvi’s murder too. She tells the villagers that she is glad that they understood her, and now she will be moving out of the village. The villagers request her not to leave Veerpur and just be with them to guide them. Anushka keeps their heart and decides to reign over Veerpur as the real Mardani. Anushka promises to develop Veerpur for the good. She gives Juhi’s hand to Shaurya. She wishes Shaurya and Juhi get married and stay happy forever. The show will be having a happy ending with Anushka’s successful stride.



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