Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi’s change of heart to leave Ishita stunned


A new twist comes in IshRa’s life. Raman confronts Parmeet for blackmailing Ishita. He beats up Parmeet in a fit of rage. Ishita slaps Raman by mistake and hurts his heart. He demands her to reveal the reason that Parmeet is blackmailing her. She doesn’t tell him anything. Raman turns into a spy and learns the entire matter behind Ananya’s accident. The misunderstandings about Ananya’s accident get cleared. Everyone learns that Ishita hasn’t killed Ananya, it was an accident which happened by Pihu’s mistakes. Mrs. Bhalla repents for her bitterness. She makes an apology to Ishita. She asks Ishita to forgive Simmi and all of them, who always misunderstood her, knowing her genuine goodness for years. Bhallas regret for judging Ishita wrong. Ishita forgives everyone. She sets an example of an ideal mum again.

Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla’s relation gets fine like before. Mrs. Bhalla promises to always stand by her. Raman and Ishita meet the lawyer to know about Ananya’s case. Raman has learnt the reason behind Pihu’s fears. He got to know that Pihu has pushed down Ananya down the stairs. The court room will begin again. Raman wants Pihu to get rid of her fears.

Surprisingly, Simmi is also supporting them in Ananya’s matter. Ishita thanks the lawyer for re-opening the case and relieving her tensions. She doesn’t want Pihu to get affected. Lawyer tells them that Pihu’s mental state is stressed, they should take a step for Pihu. Raman wants Pihu’s name to get cleared. He tells the lawyer that everything happened by mistake, Pihu didn’t push Ananya deliberately. Simmi has also learnt the entire truth. Lawyer tells them that Simmi’s statement in the court holds much importance. He tells Simmi to read the statement he has penned down for her. Simmi says I just have to tell the truth, why should I go through any rehearsal, I got to know Ishita and Pihu are innocent, they have gone through a lot, I don’t want them to suffer more, I know Pihu can never intentionally hurt Ananya. Simmi has a change of heart after knowing Ishita’s sacrifice for Pihu. Raman thanks Simmi for helping them and Pihu. Simmi then shows a grudge towards Raman’s happy family. Raman is sure Simmi will sort out all the problems for them. Will Simmi give statement in Pihu’s favor or not? Keep reading.




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