Ishqbaaz: Shivay to get humiliated by Anika’s silly move


Omkara and Gauri become famous after their lovely picture gets viral. Rudra also wants Bhavya to show their affection to the world. He asks Bhavya to get pictures with him. Rudra and Bhavya explain public display of affection to Anika. Omkara tells Gauri that he also believes in PDA. He tells the media that he loves Gauri and he has a right to prove his love, its important to confess it when there is no fear about anything. He tells the media that Gauri is his inspiration, he is proud of her. Omkara and Gauri get much publicity by their PDA move.

Anika gets influenced by Omkara’s move. Gauri and Bhavya don’t like to shout out their love to the world. Anika tells them that they always celebrate anything good happening in their lives, same way they can celebrate their love and show the world. She feels happy for Gauri. She wishes Shivay loves her the same way. She finds Omkara’s move a romantic one. Rudra also plans to click an Ishq Wali Selfie with Bhavya. Anika also gets crazy to get a selfie with Shivay.

Shivay tells Anika about the big deal. Anika asks him for a love selfie. He poses with her, while she asks him to make a kissing face to get a romantic selfie. He doesn’t understand her. She tells him about the lovers posting love selfies to gain publicity on the social media.

Anika teaches him and asks him not to overdo it. He adds up the romance. She tells him that they should pose in a romantic way. Anika clicks Selfies with him. She tells him that she will post the selfies on social platform. He asks her not to share their private moments with the world, its not good, he dislikes it.

She asks him why does he not want to reach public if he really loves her. She tells him that its not wrong if he is open about his love for his wife. He asks Anika not to show up love, they don’t need any pretense. She tells him that Omkara and Gauri have also posted their picture. She feels he isn’t comfortable to be known as her husband. She gets upset with him.

Rudra and Bhavya click their selfie. Rudra tries to express his love to her. She doesn’t like his ideas. Shivay asks Anika not to be upset with him. She tells him that he doesn’t care for her and her wishes. He comes up with an idea to cheer her up. Shivay shows his cool side and dances with Anika. The video gets recorded. Shivay and Anika make memories. Anika posts the funny video on the social site to gain likes. Shivay tells her that he is ready to do anything for her happiness. She promises to put their normal selfie on line. She doesn’t see the posted video. Rudra worries when he doesn’t get enough likes on his picture. Bhavya understands his upset face. He lies to her about the likes. Shivay gets ready for the big deal. Anika wishes him.

Shivay attends the meeting with his clients. He gets prepared to sign the deal papers. He faces a low time when the board decides to cancel the deal with him. They show up the video to Shivay, which is the real cause of the deal cancellation. Shivay gets insulted. The clients don’t feel that Shivay doesn’t have any brand image. Shivay gets upset with Anika. Shivay comes home and finds his family’s online craze. Anika realizes she has posted the video instead the picture. She worries for Shivay’s reaction.

Omkara shows the video posted by her. She learns that Shivay has lost his contract because of her contract. He tells her that contract or deals don’t matter to him, but she has made him a joke in front of the world. He holds her responsible for the insult he has gone through at the office. He asks her not to validate their love by the world. She apologizes to him. He tells her that one who really love someone doesn’t need to exhibit their love. He turns disappointed with her. He explains that confessing love on social sites doesn’t make any sense. He doesn’t feel Anika’s intention was justified.



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