Naamkarann marks a closure (PicFiction): Neil to fulfill Avni’s normal family dream


Mogli becomes a medium to unite Neil and Avni. After much fights and legal battles, Neil and Avni’s love reaches the destination. Neil meets Avni to apologize to her and get her back in his life. Neil tells her that he was wrong to hold on to his annoyance. He was taking a wrong step of marrying Mitali. He tells her that he did injustice with her by judging her wrong and punishing her with his anger dose. He didn’t wish to hurt her heart ever, it was just his aching heart which couldn’t see her pain. Nevertheless, Neil decides to rectify his mistake.

He realizes he just loves Avni. He tries to convince Avni. He sheds tears and tells her that he just loves her, he badly wants her in his life forever. He says I need you to complete my life, maybe you don’t need me, as you are complete the way you are, I m not perfect, I want you and Mogli with me, I want to live a happy life with my perfect family.

Neil wants to give a normal happy family to Avni and Mogli. He fulfills Avni’s happy family dream. He tells her that he immensely loves her, he can’t become her need, but wants to become her love. His feelings reach her heart. Avni also loves him a lot. She tells him that she will always love and respect him. She also expresses her love to Neil. They cry and patch up. Neil and Avni have a hug. She wishes every man in the world has good thinking like Neil. Mogli gets happy seeing Neil and Avni together. He gets pampered by his parents. Neil and Avni’s love journey gets a new beginning. The show will mark a closure with a happy ending.

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