Shakti: Harman gets clued about Soumya’s whereabouts


Harman is still finding Soumya. He gets a hint about Soumya’s survival when he finds a lady selling the toys made by Soumya. He tells Jasleen that Soumya has made the toys, as she has made a similar doll before. He understands Soumya is around. He gets excited to meet her. He asks the lady from where did she buy the toys. He buys all the toys from her and gives her much money. Harman heads to Sameer’s shop to know about Soumya. He has high hopes that he will meet Soumya and clear all their differences to unite back.

On the other hand, Sameer gets much happy when the women come to buy toys from his shop. He didn’t see many customers at his shop before. Everyone likes the toys made by Soumya. His shop gets demand for the toys. He makes much profit. He thanks Soumya for making his shop famous and kick starting his business. Harman looks for Soumya. Sameer and his mum are very impressed with Soumya, who proves out to be lucky for them. Sameer’s mum feels Soumya brought good luck and happiness for them. Sameer also feels Soumya is much hard working and responsible. Will Harman be able to find Soumya? Keep reading.

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