Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika’s amazing take over language barriers

Shivika get back together

Shivay and Anika reach the school for Sahil’s admission. Shivay introduces his teacher to Anika. He tells him that he has come for his little brother-in-law’s admission in the school. He gets an important call and sends Anika for the interview alone. Anika meets the principal, who happens to be that ill-mannered lady Anika met on the road. Anika tells the principal that she is Shivay’s wife, she is educated from Hindi medium. She tells the principal that she is not illiterate. Principal asks her about Sahil.

Anika tells her about Sahil, who is very smart and studious. Principal gets insulting her, on getting a proper chance to settle scores. She asks Anika to speak in just English and match up her standards with the standards of the school. Anika tries to communicate in English. She fails to say one sentence property.

Principal humiliates Anika over her illiteracy. Anika tells them that she has studied till tenth grade. Principal introduces her to the elite ladies, who came for the admissions of their children. Shivay meets the principal and introduces Anika as his wife. Principal asks them to give the interview together as they are Sahil’s guardians. She tells Shivay that he has studied in the same school, so it will be just Anika’s interview. She makes things tougher for Anika. Shivay asks Anika to complete the interview, and he will wait outside till she finishes.

Anika feels lonely when he goes out. Principal gives her a chance and asks Anika to complete the interview with at least minimum score. Anika faces some really tough questions. Anika gets speechless. She becomes a joke between the rich educated ladies. She feels she has made a fool of herself and Shivay. Anika goes to Shivay, who shows his name in the toppers’ list on the boards.

Anika sheds tears and feels sorry to fail Shivay as well. She tells him that she has failed in the interview and ruined Sahil’s future too. She reveals the entire chapter to him. She tells him that she isn’t educated and can’t teach anything to Sahil. He loses his cool knowing his wife’s humiliation. Shivay meets the school board. The board doesn’t agree to permit admission to Sahil. Shivay justifies himself. He targets the board to ensure that he gets a fair chance to judge the principal and faculty. He gets a chance to interview the faculty to know if they are capable of running such a prestigious school. He encourages Anika to interview the faculty in her style.

Anika asks them about Hindi, which is their mother tongue. Principal fails to answer about the Hindi term. She tells Shivay that Hindi is not her language. He tells them that English is not Anika’s language. Anika shows her proficiency in Hindi and turns them speechless. Shivay tells them that their strength should be their knowledge about mother tongue, their official language. He asks them not to insult anyone who doesn’t know English. He doesn’t want them to set language barriers. He asks them to check Sahil’s grades and know if he deserves an admission. He proves that Sahil is a scholar and can have a bright future. He tells them that Sahil is well acquainted with all the languages, if Anika is his sister, if she doesn’t know English, it doesn’t mean that they cancel Sahil’s admission. He threatens to get the school shut down.

He asks them to respect their national language and not feel ashamed to speak in Hindi. He doesn’t want any class barriers in the school, which he regards as his own. He threatens the board of dragging the matter in the media. He makes the principal apologize to Anika. He changes his mind and tells the board that he won’t get Sahil’s admission done in the school, where the principal is having such a sick mindset. The chairman apologizes to Shivay and Anika. He assures that none will be judged based on language. He requests Shivay to get Sahil admitted in his school. Shivay totally back ups Anika. He feels proud of Anika. He encourages her like ever. He tells her that she is amazing and will always be. He succeeds to bring a smile on Anika’s face.


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