Naamkarann: Neil and Avni get united to deal with Mogli’s kidnapping


Mogli gets kidnapped. Avni gets panicking when she gets to learn about Mogli’s kidnapping. Neil doesn’t find Mogli at the school. He rushes to Avni’s house to know about him. He worries knowing Mogli has gone missing. He thinks if Avni has picked Mogli from school. Avni tells Neil that Mogli is kidnapped. She tells Neil that Kamini is behing Mogli’s kidnapping. He feels guilty that he didn’t reach Mogli’s school on time. Avni scolds Neil for putting Mogli in risk by his negligence. They get into an argument over their rights on Mogli.

Avni asks Neil to find Mogli. She worries that Mogli can be in bad state. Avni asks Neil to confront Kamini to find Mogli’s whereabouts. She feels they shouldn’t fight at this time. She tells Neil that they should unitedly sort this problem. She gets another message from the kidnappers.

Neil and Avni reach Mogli’s school and try to know about the kidnappers. They get few hints which could help them find the goons. Avni tells Neil that Kamini has attempted to kidnap Mogli before. She reveals how Kamini has threatened her and wanted to ruin her. Neil and Avni meet Kamini to know her involvement in the kidnapping. Kamini asks Avni to beg her for Mogli’s life and safety. She admits of kidnapping Mogli. Neil asks her to return Mogli to them. She doesn’t care for his threatening. She gets mad in anger. She tells them that she has nothing to lose, but they can lose Mogli.

She asks Avni to take up the blames of child trafficking if she wants to save her son. Avni and Neil try to save Mogli. They get a video and find Mogli captive. Avni gets pressurized by Kamini. She agrees to take up the ugly accusations in order to save Mogli. Neil doesn’t let her give up. Avni gets tensed for Mogli’s life. Neil tries hard to find Mogli before Avni accepts the blames. Mogli gets freed by the goons. He gets to meet Kamini on the way. Kamini fools him and kidnaps him again. She gets Mogli to the goons. Neil follows Kamini and reaches the hideout where Mogli is held captive. Neil ends Kamini’s chapter. Kamini asks the goons to kill Neil and Mogli. Avni seeks help from Mitali again. Avni and Mitali will be reaching Neil and Mogli to protect them.


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