Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Adi turns wicked to frame up Ruhi


Ruhi learns that Adi is the one involved in the big scam against Raman’s name. She asks Adi how can he cheat the family by forging Raman’s signatures. Ruhi confronts him for having a partnership with Suraj. Adi asks her not to interfere in his work. She asks him to tell the truth to family. He tells her that he owns this business and he doesn’t regret doing it.

Adi asks her to leave and not poke her nose in his work. She asks him to stay away from Suraj, who will ruin him. She lectures him about Ishita and Raman’s values. He asks her to keep the lecture to herself. She threatens of revealing his truth to everyone. He asks her to happily go ahead and challenge his smartness. He tells her that its her own risk if she proceeds, as he is smart enough to save himself from the mess.

Raman and Ishita get busy in meeting the lawyer and knowing about a solution to save Pihu. Roshni gets influenced by Shagun’s words. Shagun meets Roshni and tells her about a good alliance. She asks Roshni to meet the guy and remain happy in a dignified manner. She suggests Roshni to get away from the bad relation. She tells Roshni that she should get married instead staying as Adi’s second woman. Roshni thanks Shagun for giving her the right advice. She is equally angry as Shagun is just concerned for Aaliya’s feelings. She agrees to leave from Adi and Aaliya’s life. Ruhi gets too disturbed over Adi’s crime. She reaches home to reveal to Raman and Ishita about Adi’s fraud.

Adi arrives home and gets confronted by the family. Ruhi asks Adi to admit that he is working along with Suraj and running the fraud company. Adi tells them that he is ready to take up the blame and save Ruhi. He turns the tables.

He tells Ruhi that he can do anything for her. He makes a fake story and tells them that Ruhi is running the business with Suraj and she was caught red-handed today. Ruhi tells them that Adi is lying. Adi tells them that Ruhi has forged Raman’s signatures. Adi’s story gets more convincing when he shows the fake proof against Ruhi. Ruhi gets trapped when the blame comes on her. Raman scolds Ruhi for breaking his trust and hopes. Ruhi asks Ishita to believe her. Ishita fails to judge between Adi and Ruhi.

Adi gets happy to fail Ruhi’s plan. He tells Ruhi that he has established the business on his own. He doesn’t want anyone to ruin his work. Ruhi asks him to differentiate between right and wrong. She tells about the values fed by Ishita to them. He tells her that he has to earn money on his own. He asks her why did she leave their company and became Raman’s rival. He questions her loyalty. He tells her that family doesn’t matter, just power and money matters. Ruhi finds his mindset totally changed. She understands that no one backed up Adi, which made him take the wrong path. He tells her that he started a new business, knowing the illegal matters. He wants to become rich on his own by any means possible.

She confronts him about Sonakshi’s death. He doesn’t regret for anything. She asks Adi not to lose his humanity. He asks her to stop her lecture. Adi accepts all his crimes. He threatens Ruhi to shut up else Raman will be sent to jail. He doesn’t want to expose himself. Raman tells Ishita that he believes Ruhi, he knows its Adi who is running the illegal business along with Suraj. Raman doesn’t want to alert Adi. He tells Ishita that they have to get Adi on the right path. How will Raman and Ishita reform their son? Keep reading.


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