Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya to stay concerned for family’s safety

Diya treasure loss Tellyreviews

Diya and Ratan secure the family from the terrorists’ attack. Ratan plans to confess love to Diya. Her dreams will be getting fulfilled. Diya fails to celebrate the moment. Mithi takes Kakisa with her. Diya and Ratan try to find Kakisa and save her life. Diya chases Mithi and saves everyone. Ratan plans to gift a lovely chain to Diya and express his feelings. Ratan tells Diya that he has realized his love for her. He tells her that they will change the room as per her choice. He wants to start a new life with her. He asks her why isn’t she paying attention to his confession. Diya tells him that she is concerned for the family.

He assures that everyone will stay fine. The family keeps a puja at home. Kakisa tells Diya that everything got fine and now they should move on. Diya feels scared of a premonition. She stays tensed while doing the puja. She doesn’t want the family to fall in any trouble.


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