Shakti: Harman to get upset with Harak’s conspiracy

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Harman does Aravan God’s puja when Saya tells him that he can only sign him if Soumya is alive or not. He apologizes to Aravan God and requests him to make him meet his Gulabo. Soumya feels his hand burning as he prays to God to keeping diya on his hand. She hesitantly calls him, but doesn’t speak. Harman realizes she is on call and understands her silence. Soumya cries hearing his voice and hears Jasleen asking him whose call it is. Sameer come and takes phone from Soumya’s hand. He makes an excuse as if it was a wrong call. Harman realizes that someone tried to cover up Soumya’s call, and calls on that number, but it is switched off. Harman shares with Jasleen that he is sure now that Soumya is alive. He tells that Aravan Devta gave him assurance of Soumya’s existence.

Meanwhile, Sameer tells someone that his life changed after someone came in his life and made it better. He tells about his business prospering after her arrival. Kishan Lal hears him and thinks if he is talking about Soumya. He comes to shop. Soumya hides her face. Soumya panics. Sameer comes and rescues Soumya, hides her identity. Kishan Lal leaves.

Harman finds out about the number and come near there. Villagers see Harman and Jasleen together and think they are romancing. Harman lies in front of them that they are husband and wife, just to clear this misconception. Soumya hears him and thinks they are happily married. She hides from them and thinks he has moved on.

Harman and Jasleen are trying their best to find Soumya. They have found something that makes their doubts certain. Harman gets Soumya’s missing posters. Someone removes the posters to stop Harman from reaching Soumya. Harak Singh doesn’t want Harman and Soumya to unite. Saaya and Jasleen see the posters torn. They start believing that someone is conspiring to stop them from finding Soumya. The kinners tell Harman that they had posted all the posters a day before.

Jasleen says someone is keeping a watch on us, someone is trying to stop us from reaching Soumya. She tells Harman that he knows who can do this. Saaya tells Harman that this maybe Harak’s conspiracy, Harak doesn’t want Soumya to be back in their lives. She asks Harman to be alert in his search. Sameer takes a promise from Soumya that she will never leave him. Harman reaches the shop. He gets to see Soumya with Sameer, when she makes the promise. He doesn’t lose courage. He gets a shock. He tells Soumya that he will not forget her, he is more determined to get Soumya back home.


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