Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Adi-Aaliya’s divorce to mark big twists

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking drama with Adi's return

Raman and Ishita break down after knowing Adi’s involvement in the big scam against Raman. Raman tells her that Adi is the one who has defamed him for the sake of money. Ishita sheds tears, feeling she has failed to give good upbringing to Adi. Adi has gone on a wrong path, which shatters them. Aaliya confronts Adi, when he sends her the divorce papers. Ishita can’t believe it. She asks Aaliya not to worry, she will talk to him. Mani and Shagun come to meet Bhallas. They learn about Adi’s affair with Roshni, and his move to file for divorce. Mani and Shagun support Aaliya. Mani tells Raman that Adi has tagged Aaliya characterless in order to get divorce from her. He gets too raging and asks them to call Adi to answer them.

Adi loves Roshni now. He clears out to Aaliya that he isn’t interested to be with her anymore. Ishita feels ashamed of Adi’s doings. She asks Raman what’s happening with them because of their son, whom they believed so much.

Raman tells her that nothing will go wrong now, they will end ties with Adi, he doesn’t deserve to be part of their family. He tells her that he believes her trust, Adi may come back to them some day, but they shouldn’t follow him, Adi won’t come to court for Pihu’s sake, as Adi doesn’t care for Aaliya and them. He asks Ishita not to beg Adi for reconciling with Aaliya. He wants Aaliya to have her self esteem and leave Adi. Adi plans to marry Roshni. He creates a drama at Roshni’s wedding. Roshni is getting married to Shantanu, who is chosen by Shagun for her. Adi doesn’t want to lose Roshni at any cost. Ishita will be targeting Adi to punish him for his heartbreaking crimes.


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