Kumkum Bhagya: Misunderstandings continue to coast off Abhi and Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Anniversary party twists lined

Tanu feels insecure when Suwarni Dadi informs everyone about seeing Pragya in the conference. She asks Abhi to give her rights which she deserves. Abhi tells her clearly that she is just his name sake wife, but Pragya was his real wife who would stand with him wearing mangalsutra and sporting vermillion on her forehead. Tanu gets upset and seeks Aaliya’s help, but she refuses and asks her to handle her own problems. Suwarni Dadi influences Abhi to search Pragya and gives him information that she saw her in the conference hall. Abhi leaves from the house to search Pragya. King drives car rashly thinking Abhi cheated with him. He recalls their arguments. Abhi and King drive their respective cars.

Meanwhile, Kiara calls Abhi, but he forgets his phone at home. Kiara calls him repeatedly. Tanu picks the call. Kiara asks her to tell Abhi to return her cookie. Pragya calls Kiara just then. Kiara calls Mamma and hides from Pragya. Tanu hears her voice and realizes it is of Pragya’s voice. She gets shocked wondering Pragya has a daughter.

King hits Abhi’s car due to rash driving and gets arrested by the police. Varun who has been following King, informs Pragya about his arrest. Pragya reaches the police station. Abhi also comes there for some reason, and sees Pragya there. He gets happy and emotional seeing her, as she comes to talk to Inspector about King. Before Abhi could come to Pragya, she informs Inspector that she is King’s wife when asked. Abhi gets a huge shock and thinks Pragya has gone far away from him. He takes his steps back oblivious to the truth that she is King’s manager and has been lying to Inspector to free him.

Pragya argues with Inspector and asks him to leave King. Meanwhile Tanu comes to know that Abhi is in Police station. She comes to Purab and Disha and seeks his help, but Disha refuses to let her husband help her. She asks her to leave. Tanu tells her that she is asking help for Abhi and not for her, as he is in the police station. Purab gets shocked and runs to police station. Abhi informs him about seeing Pragya there and tells him that King is her husband. Purab couldn’t believe that this can be true and shows believe on Pragya.


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