Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A big shocker awaits to shatter Goenkas

Naira secure Aryan

Kartik and Naira spend some romantic moments on his birthday. She struggles to make it super sweet and special for him. He understands her efforts. They romance. The drug dealers meet Shubham and entice him to get drugs. Shubham gets tempted to get the drugs back. Shubham wants to avoid the drugs as per his promise to Naira. He then flows with his addiction. Shubham takes the drugs, while hiding from everyone. Suwarna hopes that everything will get fine as Shubham is bonding with the family as never before. Shubham tells Naira that he will tell everything to family soon. Naira asks Shubham to tell the family, because they have a right to know about him and can help him get rid of his addiction too. She looks for Shubham.

The family sings and dances to celebrate Kartik’s birthday. They all express their happiness. Kartik and Naira look for Shubham, who controls his urge to take the drugs for a long time. Shubham then loses out his senses and consumes the drugs. Naira looks for Shubham to make him confess the matter to everyone. Shubham lies to Naira about the drugs consumption.

Kartik asks her if she is hiding anything from them. Naira fails to tell them anything as per her promise given to Shubham. Kartik and Naira cut his birthday cake. The cake ceremony goes on well. Shubham starts feeling sick by the drugs overdose. Kartik and Naira have cute moments with the family. Naira makes a special birthday card for Kartik, which makes his day. She asks Shubham to give the surprise to Kartik by revealing the matter to him. Shubham doesn’t want to upset anyone. He feels pressured.

He asks Naira to understand him. She tells him that she is hiding the matter for his sake. She doesn’t want to support him. She asks him not to delay further, as this truth will be a birthday gift for Kartik. She threatens to reveal the matter to them. Kartik receives more surprises from the family members. Shubham enjoys the family time with Manish, Suwarna and Kartik. He makes memories of lifetime with them. Shubham deals with his drug addiction. He feels bad to lie to the family.

Manish asks Suwarna not to worry for Shubham, as everything will be fine soon. Suwarna worries for Shubham. Her heart gets restless. She tells him that she wants Shubham to overcome the sorrow. She wants to keep a puja for him. Naira goes to check on Shubham. She makes up a mind to reveal his drug addiction truth to the family. The Goenkas receive a big shock knowing Shubham has died by the drugs overdose.


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