Shakti: Harman to share his sorrow with Preeto

Shakti Harman hugely missed by Soumya

Harman gets upset seeing Soumya and Sameer coming close. Harman wants to meet Sameer and clear to him about Soumya and his relation. Sameer’s mum wants Sameer to marry Soumya. She asks Sameer to express feelings to Soumya. He doesn’t want to spoil the relation. She insists him not to delay. Sameer too starts feeling for Soumya. Sameer and his mum like Soumya a lot, as Soumya is handling everything for them. Soumya has proved out to be a lucky charm for them.

Harman misses out Soumya. He fears of losing her. He sheds tears. Preeto finds him broken up and lends support. He tells her that he is feeling much lonely, he feels like someone will take Soumya away from him. He expresses his pain and shares her sorrow with his mum. Preeto is sure that Soumya will come back soon. She knows his fears and understands his emotions. She asks him to be strong and hopeful, Soumya will come back.

She asks him to have food, then they will discuss what to do. He gets a phone call. He gets much shocked when he gets information about Soumya. Harman tells Preeto that some unknown person has informed me about Soumya. Preeto asks him to rush and trace Soumya. Harak scolds Raavi and Shanno for stealing cash from the locker. He confronts them for theft. He asks them to answer him in detail, what was the need for stealing and how will they return the money. Raavi tells Harak that she will return the money, but Shanno won’t be able to get money. Harak gives some time to Shanno. He asks them not to act smart. Shanno gets trapped.


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