Ishqbaaz: A new entry to highlight on a new social issue


Shivay tells the family that Devyaani didn’t steal anything from home, except a family photo. He tells everyone that her motive isn’t clear, but she has served the family with love and care. Everyone tells Dadi that Devyaani has been good to them, she didn’t harm them and instead helped them in many ways. They miss Devyaani. Shivay tells them that he can trace Devyaani. He recollects her words and gets to track her down. He meets Devyaani’s house and gets to see the family pictures of many. Devyaani clarifies that she didn’t steal anything from Oberoi mansion. He tells her that he trusts her. She then tells him how she lives in people’s homes to live some of her unfulfilled dreams. She tells him that she has lived a good life in his house and gained much love from Oberois.

Devyaani tells him how his son and bahu has disowned her after her husband’s death, even when she has put her heart and soul to raise her son with dignity. She tells Shivay that she didn’t get love from her son, which she has gained from him. She reveals that her son has ousted her from home and sent her to an old age home, but she had been wandering here and there since then. Shivay gets emotional on hearing her sad tale. He feels she has hidden much sorrow behind her smile. Shivay returns home and reveals Devyaani’s sad story to the family. He finds a way to teach a lesson to Devyaani’s son. He asks Omkara and Rudra to declare the news that Oberois have found Dadi’s long lost sister Devyaani. He wants Devyaani’s son to run to them by hearing the news. He asks Devyaani to make her son realize his mistake.

Anika tells her that her son will be ashamed in front of the world and will have to answer the media. Devyaani doesn’t want her son to face any insult. She respects what Shivay and Anika did for her. As Shivay expected, Devyaani’s son and bahu arrive to meet her. They turn greedy to know what Devyaani attained from Oberoi family. Devyaani tells them that she has no relation with Oberois. She asks them to leave before media comes. She doesn’t want to insult them. Shivay tells them that a mother’s heart is really big to forgive such a bad son. He scolds Devyaani’s son. He teaches the guy a lesson. He explains the importance of a mother. He asks the guy how can he abandon his mum in elderly age.

He reprimands Devyaani’s son for not valuing her. He asks the guy not to be so selfish and blind. He pities the guy for being so ignorant. He tells the guy that his son will do the same with him some day. Shivay’s words make the guy realize his mistake. Shivay sends away her son and bahu. He doesn’t create any scene in front of the media to keep Devyaani’s words. He takes a decision to fund the old age homes so that elderly people never loses a shelter. He wants the old people to live long without any stress. He wants everyone to live with dignity, pride and happiness.

Devyaani feels proud of Shivay and blesses him. Shivay makes Devyaani a part of his family. Devyaani gets too happy to meet the Oberois. Later on, the family keeps a Satsang a home. Dadi, Rudra and Gauri dance with the guests. Omkara, Anika and Bhavya get surprised seeing Rudra and Gauri’s innocence. They don’t understand what happened to Dadi for believing in such a fake Goddess and superstitions. The people tell about Siddhi Maa’s miracle. Dadi really believes in Siddhi. Rudra and Gauri too get fooled. Shivay happens to see the new drama happening at home. Anika doesn’t support all of that. Shivay opposes Dadi’s superstitions and blind beliefs. Dadi asks him to respect Siddhi Maa, who really holds miraculous powers. Shivay and Anika will be challenging Siddhi Maa, and expose the truth.


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