Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira’s get ousted; Shubham’s journey ends

Naira secure Aryan

Naira contacts home and learns about the family coming home with Shubham. She gets a hope after talking to them that Shubham is fine. She feels Shubham should tell the truth to family today. She doesn’t think of the bad happening. The servants remove all the decorations and set things for Shubham’s funeral. The family cries for Shubham’s death. Everyone thinks of Naira, who is responsible for this. Naira reaches home and gets a big shock on seeing everyone in white clothes. She sees Shubham dead, and family mourning for him. She can’t believe her sight. Kartik and Suwarna get angry on Naira. She asks them what happened to Shubham all of a sudden. Manish gets in trauma. He stays silent. Kartik asks Naira why didn’t she tell them about Shubham’s drug addiction. She tells them that Shubham wanted to tell them the truth himself.

Kartik tells her that this happened because of her mistake of hiding the truth. He tells how much Shubham depended on her to get a life, he didn’t wish to die, but died because of her absence on time. Naira apologizes to everyone. Manish tells them that she didn’t give them a chance to become a supportive family, she should have told them everything. He wishes Shubham comes back and gives him a chance to become a good father. Suwarna expresses her anger and annoyance on Naira. She tells Naira that she has taken away Shubham’s life. Kartik tells Naira that she should have at least told him. Naira clarifies that Shubham needed time to recover, she was just helping him by winning his trust.

Suwarna slaps Naira and tells Naira that she has killed Shubham. She asks Naira to leave from their lives as she made Shubham away from them. She asks Naira how can she hide a big truth concerning Shubham. Naira’s negligence hurts them. Kartik tells Naira that he can’t forgive her. Naira repents for being silent. He tells her that he has always asked her not to hide anything, but her bad habit has made them lose a family member. Naira tells him that she will wait for him at the terrace. She doesn’t want Kartik’s hatred. She regrets to hide the truth. She didn’t kill Shubham. She feels bad that Shubham has died.

She doesn’t want to leave the house before Kartik and Suwarna understand her. Kartik goes for Shubham’s final rites, while Naira waits for him. He looks for Naira and feels she has gone away. Goenkas have a shattering moment to bid final farewell to Shubham. Naira feels she can’t live with the big accusation. She falls down the terrace while dealing with the sorrow. The show would be taking a short leap, with changed terms between Kartik and Naira.


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