Naamkarann: Happy ending for Avni-Neil’s wonderful story

Avni in Naamkarann

Prakash and Shweta have their different take on Neil’s life and future. Shweta wants Neil to marry Mitali and move on. Prakash tells her that Neil loves Avni and that’s his family. Neil also agrees that he loves Avni. Prakash asks Neil not to think about the divorce and remarry Avni. She asks Neil to think about Mogli. He tells Neil that Avni is made for him. Neil goes to meet Avni. He feels they are destined to be together. He then finds Avni and Mogli leaving. He decides to stay contend that Avni was part of his life before. Avni senses Neil around. Avni and Neil think of each other. They feel complete with each other. Avni doesn’t let his memories affect her decision to go away from his life for his betterment. Neil continues to miss her. His dilemma goes on. He stays sad and pretends to be happy in front of the family. Shweta reminds him that he is getting married to Mitali.

Prakash asks Neil about his meet with Avni. Neil tells him that Avni and Mogli should go for their new life. He wants to support Avni’s decision. Prakash asks him to take a decision about what he wants in life. Shweta tells Mitali that Neil is ready for marriage. Neil thinks of Avni while he prepares for his marriage. Avni wants to treasure Neil’s love in her heart always. She wants to live with his memories. Neil reaches the marriage mandap. He gets jitters when the marriage rituals proceed. He doesn’t want to give in his heart to Mitali. He sits helpless. Mitali understands his restlessness. He feels like cheating Mitali by having a bond of marriage with her, when he has already made vows of heart towards Avni. Mitali makes vows towards Neil and waits for him to give his word.

Neil names Avni while marrying Mitali. He apologizes to Mitali. She asks him to go to Avni, as he can’t stay happy even if they get married. Mitali’s heart get sinking with Neil’s mixed emotions. Neil fails to take the wedding rounds with her. Mitali asks Neil to realize his feelings, as he is a good person. She tells him that she loves him, but she doesn’t want him to sacrifice his happiness to keep his promise. She frees him from the promise and asks him to rush to Avni, as they are made for each other. She gifts Neil his happy family picture frame. She tells Neil that he will always love Avni and he deserves to be with her. Neil thanks Mitali for her support and understanding.

Neil respects Mitali for her decision. She makes everyone proud. Neil reaches Avni and Mogli and expresses his love. He tells Avni that he wants to take them home and fulfill their dreams. Neil tells Avni that she has taught him love. He praises Avni for making her own identity. He respects the fact that she has earned a name by her good deeds, for which he will always respect her. He feels she is self sufficient and she doesn’t need anyone, but he needs her. He tells her that she is already complete, but he wants them back in his life so that they complete him. He asks Avni and Mogli to come home with him.

Neil and Avni’s happy union gets confirmed with Mogli’s nod. Avni tells Neil that she loved him and will always love him, as he always took a stand for him. She pays respect to Neil. She feels proud that Mogli is Neil’s son. Neil and Avni mutually admire each other and confess love. Neil, Avni and Mogli live happily ever after.

TR really admires the show Naamkarann for its subject and right execution. Its entire cast will be dearly missed for their amazing efforts and performances.


  1. I am really miss you avniel please come back did you know that jab se news suni he tab se Mera man Kar rha hai ki mein mar Jain liken nhi mein aesa nhi Kar sakte but I am really miss you avniel please come back in naamkaran 2 with avniel jodhi with old song

  2. get the naamkaran back with season 2 with same type of thinking and same Jodi aditi rathore,zain imam,gautam vig,saisha,mogli……plz plz still missing the naamkaran show


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