Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya finds a way to settle her insecurities


Ratan and Diya have a romantic moment over jalebis. Ratan wants to bring sweetness in their lives. He creates a love ambience with just jalebis. He feeds the jalebis to Diya, while sharing it. Diya stops his naughty move. They decide to become good husband and wife. He tells her that till they settle in their marriage, their attempts will continue, they can stay as boyfriend and girlfriend to enjoy lives. He says we will date and have a good time till our relationship gets serious. Diya is afraid for some fears. She stays upset.

Diya gets tensed when she sees Sakshi getting panic attacks. The family is still in trauma. Diya wants to take police help, but by hiding from the family. She fears that any bad incident can occur again. Inspector tells Diya that they have to search the house well. She stops the checking. She doesn’t want the family members to get afraid again. She wants to remove a locket from Ratan’s neck, which is a threat to him.

She asks the policemen to take disguise of pest control workers and enter the palace for checking. She asks Ratan to stay with the family. Ratan asks Diya to be with others, as she is allergic to chemical smell. He is concerned for her health. He tells her that she has to stay at home, its necessary for her. She then makes a fake call. She comes with a story to stay back in Kesar Mahal. Diya lies to Ratan that she is going to meet her friend. She hides the truth so that Ratan doesn’t worry. Diya forgets her phone. Ratan finds her returning home. Ratan learns about her lying. She is just trying to find a solution for the family. He believes her a lot. He knows there will be some reason if she has lied to him.


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