TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Ratan and Diya have a romantic moment over jalebis. Ratan wants to bring sweetness in their lives. He creates a love ambience with just jalebis. He feeds the jalebis to Diya, while sharing it. Diya stops his naughty move. They decide to become good husband and wife. He tells her that till they settle in their marriage, their attempts will continue, they can stay as boyfriend and girlfriend to enjoy lives. He says we will date and have a good time till our relationship gets serious. Diya is afraid for some fears. She stays upset.

Woh Apna Sa:

Arjun takes a new disguise of a pirate to fool Ambika and know the reason behind Rano’s blackmailing. He doesn’t want Ambika to stay in tension because of Jia and his relation. He is grateful that Ambika is now supporting him. He tries to find the truth. He has taken the new look to save his family. A big secret will be getting revealed.


Piyaa Albela:

Meghna is compelled by Kunal’s family. She is asked to get away from Kunal’s life. Meghna decides to leave the city. Naren reaches the airport and stop Kunal from leaving. He bashes up Kunal. Pooja slaps Kunal and scolds him for committing a crime. They learnt that Kunal is leaving the city, and suspected him to be the culprit. Police stops Rahul and Naren from beating Kunal more. Kunal tells them that he has come to stop Meghna from leaving the city, as she is humiliated by people and shattered. Meghna and Kunal support each other. Naren tries to find Meghna and console her. Pooja doesn’t let Naren go, as he is the prime suspect. Meghna gives the proof to Pooja and tells everyone that Kunal is not a culprit. Shivani arrests Kunal and suspects him.


Harman finds Kishan Lal, who didn’t wish Harman to reach Soumya. He confronts Kishan Lal for removing the posters. Harman beats up Kishan Lal and asks him to reveal the person behind the conspiracy. Harak reaches there and shoots down Kishan Lal, so that his name doesn’t get known to Harman. He succeeds to secure himself. Even then, Jasleen understands Harak’s involvement in the matter. She asks Harman to find Soumya by making a fresh start, rather than getting upset over the incident.


Suraj and Vivaan have an argument about Imli. Vivaan is sure that Imli is around him. He tastes the food cooked by Imli. He gets panicking and vomits out the food. He tells Suraj that the food is prepared by Imli, and he can’t be wrong about this. Suraj gets angry on him. Suraj feels the need to turn Vivaan normal. He doesn’t want Vivaan to hurt his family members in madness. He tells Chakor that they have to turn Vivaan normal, else it will be big problem for them. Suraj doesn’t think wise like Chakor. Chakor gets some old things to remind Vivaan his old life. She wants Vivaan to recover his good memories. Vivaan looks for Imli in the haveli, being sure that she is present around him.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara and Kabeer complete their first fast of Ramadan well. Little Amaan also offers prayers and fulfills the fast, which went much tough for her at a tender age. Zeenat gets happy to tell everyone about Amaan’s fast completion. Zara takes care of Amaan. She congratulates everyone for the festive. Zara gets praised for managing all the arrangements so well. Siraj and many guests come for Iftaar party. Kabeer and his dad take care of all the guests and relations well. Zara manages everything to keep up Kabeer’s respect.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika and her mum scold Arya for the MMS. Arya gets worried and attempts to commit suicide. Vedika breaks down seeing Arya unconscious. Vedika worries for Arya’s life. She doesn’t want anything to happen to her daughter. She gets panicking. Sahil tries to catch Arya’s culprit. He scolds the man for ruining Arya’s life by defaming her. He asks his friend Mohit about the MMS. Mohit tries to deny the crime. Nidhi hides and spies on Sahil. Nidhi and Puneesh have made the MMS to target Vedika. Sahil has no idea about Nidhi’s involvement.


Neil decides to keep the mariage promise given to Mitali. He still finds it hard to go against his heart, which just beats for Avni. Neil falls in a big dilemma over his love for Avni. Mitali releases him from the promise keeping responsibility. She asks Neil to stop Avni from leaving the city. Neil rushes to Avni to stop her. He then confesses his love to Avni. He tells Avni that his real happiness lies in Avni and Mogli. He asks Avni to come home with him, as he us yearning to fulfill their normal family dream. Avni accepts Neil’s proposal and reconciles.


Satya tries hard to reach Leela. After Sejal leaves the jewelry bag on the bench outside the house, Satya keeps an eye and finds a man taking the bag to Leela. Leela needs funds for her evil planning. She has kept Susheel captive and threatens everyone about ending Susheel’s life. Leela succeeds to defame Susheel. She puts murder and theft blames on Susheel, which infuriates Satya and Sarthi/Fighter Didi. Satya follows the man, hoping to find Susheel and bring her home. Leela gets cautious when she finds Satya attempting to reach her. She changes her plan of action in last minute. Satya decides to get Leela punished for her sins, which have crossed all the limits.

Mayavi Maling:
Chegu warns Maharaj Shil Aditya about the evil intentions of Mahapuram Rajya. Shil Aditya makes Chegu out of Maling, but he gets suspicious of Madhumali. He decides to visit Mahapuram and meet Trishanku and Madhumali. Angad and his mum Madhumali kill Trishanku while expressing their truth to belong to Daanav Vansh. Shil Aditya wants to end his doubts from mind soon. He thinks to talk to Trishanku about Chegu’s warning. Shil Aditya and his daughters visit Mahapuram. Madhumali learns about their arrival purpose. She gets worried as Trishanku is killed. She then uses her magical powers to show Trishanku alive to Shil Aditya. Trishanku lies in Madhumali’s favor to win Shil Aditya’s heart. On the other hand, Pranali gets attacked by some evil men in the market. Her bodyguard Haran saves her life.


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