Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take an unexpected bold step


Shagun and Mani get angry when Adi sends a divorce notice to Aaliya. Raman and Ishita tell Mani that Aaliya won’t go from home, as they are supporting her. Ishita tells Mani that she will always be with Aaliya. She asks Aaliya not to leave them. She tells Shagun that they are also against Adi, they can never support Adi if he does anything wrong. Mani wants to take Aaliya home, but Raman doesn’t permit. Shagun asks Roshni not to let Adi know about her, else Adi can reach her. He assures to Roshni that she will be with her in the marriage ceremony. Roshni panics and gets scared of Adi. Shagun warns her that Adi can stop the marriage. Aaliya and Ishita decide to help Roshni as her family. Aaliya tells Ishita that she is sure to get involved. She regrets to be bitter towards Roshni, now when she knows that its Adi’s madness to get Roshni. She doesn’t support Adi’s obsession.

Raman meets Adi and tells him that everyone will support Aaliya. He asks Adi to stop his madness. Adi doesn’t agree. He declares that he will marry Roshni. Raman challenges Adi that he will stop Adi from reaching Roshni in her marriage. He threatens to disown Adi and withdraw every single support. Suraj tells Adi that he will support him. Suraj asks Adi to forget Roshni, who doesn’t deserve him. Adi tells Suraj that he won’t let Roshni go from his life. Suraj asks him to stop Roshni’s marriage and prove everyone wrong. He instigates Adi against Raman and Ishita, who don’t love him. Raman tells Ishita that they have lost Adi forever now, as he has ended ties with him. Ishita tells him that she is trying to contact Adi, as her heart is assuring her about her son’s coming. Adi doesn’t want to go to court for Pihu’s sake.

Adi gets angry on their expectations. He tells Suraj that he will never forgive the family, even if they beg. Ishita tells Raman that Adi can’t undo their request if Pihu calls him. Raman tries to protect Pihu. Romi informs him that Pihu is fine and they will meet at court directly. Adi chooses to reach Roshni’s marriage to stop her. Suraj and Adi come up with a plan. Adi gets sure that he won’t let Shantanu marry Roshni. They try to know about the marriage venue by calling Aaliya. Suraj gains information from Aaliya by fooling her. Ishita gets worried thinking Adi will try to foil Roshni’s marriage. Raman assures her that they will always be with their righteous children. Ishita reaches Roshni and blesses her. Shagun and Ishita want to make sure that Roshni’s marriage happens soon. Ishita doesn’t see Adi arriving there. Adi tries to kidnap Roshni. He turns too crazy. Ishita and Aaliya can’t believe Adi’s dirty tricks. Ishita will be shooting down Adi to save Roshni from his mad obsession.


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