Piyaa Albela: Blame-game and search for justice intensifies

Pooja finds Naren

Meghna gets Kunal home. Everyone assumes Kunal to be the culprit. Naren and Rahul vent out anger on Kunal. Meghna stops them. She tells them that Kunal didn’t molest her. Neelima gets taunting Meghna in a bad way. Pooja asks Neelima not to judge anyone. She scolds Neelima for hurting Meghna’s feelings by harsh words. Pooja feels Meghna can’t see, but Meghna has a strong sixth sense. Harish gets upset when his family is questioned by the media. He wants the drama to end soon. He doesn’t want Meghna in the family for his own reasons. Harish turns rude towards her. Rahul beats up Kunal. He is afraid that he may lose the property. Naren and Rahul get convinced that Kunal is wrong. They get into an argument with Meghna.

Harish wants to protect his family from such things, while Pooja wants justice for Meghna. Rahul and Anuj have a fake fight to help Pooja. She diverts the police by their fake fight. She reaches inside the no-entry zone and checks for any clues to find the culprit.

Rahul loses his cool when Meghna gives a statement in favor of Kunal. Meghna’s case reaches the court. She aims to get justice. Supriya supports her. Shivani arrives at Vyas mansion to arrest Anuj. Pooja can’t believe that Anuj is the culprit. The family thinks that they have finally reached the culprit, Anuj. Pooja tells Anuj that she has a witness to prove his innocence. Pooja gets attacked by someone, who doesn’t want Pooja to reach the court along with the witness. The witness gets kidnapped. Naren finds Pooja injured on the road. He saves her. Pooja asks Naren to take her to the court. Pooja hopes to find the culprit, knowing Anuj is innocent.


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