Udaan: Imli and Chakor to have a confrontation

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Imli is crossing all limits to take her revenge. She plans to kill Vivaan and Saanvi. Vivaan saves Saanvi’s life. He realizes that there is some enemy in the haveli, who reaches his room and planned the ceiling fan accident. Chakor and Suraj get worried for Vivaan. Chakor gets scared. She feels someone has planned this accident. Suraj refuses to believe it. Imli doesn’t want to get defeated by Chakor and Vivaan. Archana advises her to leave her madness and stop chasing Chakor. Imli still wants to ruin down Chakor. She holds Chakor responsible for her life’s destruction.

Imli turns more evil and targets the elderly Tejaswini to send Suraj away from home. She manages to drug Tejaswini to send her to hospital. Suraj and Vivaan worry for Tejaswini’s ill state. They leave from the haveli to take her to hospital. Imli finds it a good chance to tackle Chakor. She wonders who will save Chakor if Suraj is away.

Imli wants to intensify Chakor’s fears. Imli reaches Chakor and Saanvi. Vivaan doubts on Imli. He has a strong intuition about Imli. He has been tortured a lot till now. He identifies the danger around. He tells Suraj that they should return home. Its tough for him to prove about Imli to Suraj. Imli tries to hurt Saanvi. She then presents her truth in front of Chakor. She frustrates Chakor. She warns Chakor about snatching her daughter. Chakor was clued that Imli is alive. When she faces Imli directly, her doubts get certain. She challenges to defeat Imli at any cost.


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