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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Amyra gets jealous seeing Kulfi getting love from the family. Kulfi apologizes to Sweety, who angrily slaps her. Lovely stops Sweety. Lovely and Amyra try to cheer up Kulfi. Amyra gets balloons for Kulfi and tells her not to feel bad of Sweety’s anger. She wants Sikandar and Lovely to love her more.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika gets engaged with Yash. Sahil gets drunk and performs in the engagement function. Sahil creates a scene. He expresses his heartbroken state to everyone. He wants to ask Vedika why did she decide of marrying Yash by rejecting his love. He makes Vedika understand his pain. Vedika didn’t expect Sahil’s drunken drama. She is also much hurt seeing him in pain. Vedika and Yash act to be not affected by Sahil’s pain. Vedika doesn’t care and exchanges the rings with Yash. Sahil wants to keep trying to win Vedika’s love.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja meets the tailor to know the real culprit. Tailor tells her that Rahul, Naren and Anuj didn’t come to the shop to get the Sherwani button stitched. She gets happy that Anuj is innocent. Someone kidnaps the tailor on the way and creates hurdles for Pooja. Naren finds Pooja on the way. Naren and Pooja reach the court for Anuj’s case. Pooja gets late because of the attack. The judge declares Anuj guilty and punishes him. Anuj turns helpless. Pooja finds Anuj arrested. Pooja apologizes to the family. Mami slaps Pooja and gets angry on her for ruining Anuj’s life. She asks Pooja why didn’t she come late when court was awaiting her for evidence. Pooja tells Mami that she will not give up. She wants to help Anuj by proving the right culprit. Pooja still has to get justice for Meghna. She doesn’t know that Meghna was faked the bad incident to take her revenge on Vyas family.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer gets upset when his big deal gets cancelled. Miraj tells Kabeer that Zara’s thinking is good and she can do well in their project, her name should have added in the agreement. He asks Kabeer why did he put Ruksar’s name in the documents. He tears the papers and tells Kabeer that they can’t go ahead with the project. Kabeer doesn’t agree with Miraj. He worries as the deal meant a lot to him. He wanted the project to start for the betterment of everyone. Kabeer’s dream breaks down. Miraj wants Zara to be part of the project. Kabeer has a problem with Zara’s mindset.


Chakor and Imli come face to face. Imli’s truth has come out in front of Chakor. Chakor reacted angrily when she heard Imli singing the lullaby for Saanvi. Imli gets angry on Chakor for all the wrong happened with her. Chakor asks Imli to have some shame and leave Saanvi. Imli is sure that Suraj won’t believe Chakor. She gets carefree to meet Chakor. She knows Suraj and Vivaan can’t find her, and Chakor will be just attempting to prove her truth. She challenges Chakor to prove herself to the family. Imli attempts to prove Chakor mad so that everyone loses trust on her. Chakor learns her evil motives. She tries to stay alert all the time.

Sameer celebrates his birthday with family and friends. He surprises Soumya and proposes her for marriage. Soumya gets a big shock when he tells her how he has planned their marriage. She slaps him and reminds him that she is married to Harman. She asks him to stay in his limits and not dream of marriage. She breaks his heart and leaves. Sameer gets insulted in front of all the guests.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth and Iqbal make a plan and arrange wedding anniversary celebration to revive Teni’s memories. Teni gets angry seeing the cake. She asks Iqbal if he doesn’t love her, that he is supporting Parth. She gets heartbroken. She raises a question on Iqbal’s love. Parth tries to stop her from leaving. She slips and rolls down the stairs during their argument. Parth rushes to save her.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni as Lazer tries to make Suyash happy and cheerful like before. She doesn’t want Suyash to lose his positivity because of her. She wants to explain him that Falguni didn’t cheat him, maybe the culprit behind the conspiracy is someone else. She tells him that she got married to a rich guy, but he didn’t believe her and made her out of the home by ending relations. He thinks of expelling Falguni from the house because of a similar situation. She tells him that she wasn’t at fault. She explains him that people don’t understand things because of their anger.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Light moments between Ratan and Diya will be seen. Diya prepares food for Ratan with difficulty. Ratan helps her out in the big task. Ratan finds a chance to romance her. All the problems got solved in the family. He wants to spend some time with Diya. They don’t get time as they have everyone around. Kakisa wants Ratan to be in front of her eyes all the time, because of pandit’s prediction and warning. She stays worried knowing Ratan’s life is in danger. She doesn’t want Ratan to go out of the house alone. She keeps Ratan away from Diya. Ratan hides from Kakisa to meet Diya. Ratan and Yash make a plan to end Kakisa’s fears.


Meera and Vivaan are getting separated. There is a big twist. Meera falls in huge troubles. She shouts to Vivaan for help. Vivaan gets beaten up by the goons. Meera finds Vivaan captive. She runs after the bus to save Amaya. Vivaan had saved Meera when the goons have thrown her down the cliff. The goons faint down Vivaan by injecting him. Meera follows the bus. She would be fighting with the goons to save Amaya.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi comes to the same hotel for a meeting and meets Kiara at the reception. Kiara gets happy and asks him to return her doll. Abhi tells her that doll is at his house and promises to return it next time when they meet. Receptionist sees a good bonding between them and thinks of them as father and daughter. Kiara talks to Abhi and calls him Pops unintentionally. Abhi gets touched as she says he is like her Papa. Abhi thinks if he had a daughter with Pragya then she would have called him Papa. Meanwhile, Tanu has heard Pragya’s voice on call and realizes she has a daughter, but soon dismisses her thoughts thinking she has hallucinated being drunk. Very soon, Pragya will be coming face to face with Mehra family. She will be entering Abhi’s life again.


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