Ishqbaaz: Shivay to uncover Siddhi Maai’s fraud

Daksh faints in the mandap knowing Anika is close to expose him in Ishqbaaz

Dadi tells Shivay that Siddhi Maai is a real miraculous lady. Shivay doesn’t believe so. Gauri asks Shivay to follow Siddhi’s instructions for a good future. He tells Gauri that he doesn’t care for anything, as he is not a superstitious person. Dadi asks Shivay not to insult Siddhi, when he calls the latter a fraud. Dadi asks him to at least respect Siddhi for the sake of their happiness. Siddhi finds him ignorant and forgives him. She tells Dadi that Shivay will gain much knowledge about devotion when he becomes her devotee. She finds him egoistic. She asks him to learn the power of belief and devotion. Shivay doesn’t listen to her. Dadi compels him to follow the blind faith customs. Siddhi tries to show some miracles to Shivay. Anika and Omkara get to hear Siddhi’s opinion about Shivay. Shivay asks Siddhi not to tell him about himself, as he knows the best about everything.

Siddhi tells him that she has come to solve the troubles on Oberoi family. She reveals the problems they are facing. Shivay asks her not to meddle up in his matters. Dadi corrects Shivay and requests Siddhi to stay back in their house. Gauri and Rudra also want Siddhi to live with them for couple of days. Omkara tries to control Gauri. Gauri and Rudra start troubling the family based on Siddhi’s customs and commands. Omkara asks them not to follow anyone else than Lord. Gauri tells them about Siddhi’s miracles, which they have seen it themselves. She asks them to have devotion towards Siddhi. Gauri asks them to at least listen to Dadi. Gauri and Rudra ask them to dress up and consume food as Siddhi asks them to. They both turn into big devotees of Siddhi.

Bhavya tells Shivay that she has heard about Siddhi Maai’s fraud. Shivay asks her to get all the info about the fraudster. Anika tells him that Siddhi Maai will get away from their lives in a way, but he wants Siddhi to leave from the hearts of Dadi, Gauri and Rudra. Siddhi and her aides plot things to show miracles to Oberois. Shivay meets Siddhi to tackle her. He confronts her about the fraud and asks her to put the curtains down on the drama. He tells her that he knows her fraud well. She admits that she is fooling his family. She asks him to prove her lies, as people believe in her miracles.

She tells him that she isn’t doing wrong to give hopes to people and end their fears. He asks her not to play with people’s emotions. She challenges him to do anything, as he isn’t aware of her powers. She tells him that he can’t harm her ever. Shivay takes her challenge. He wants Dadi to see Siddhi’s truth. Shivay doesn’t want any blind beliefs to spread in the house. Siddhi captures Dadi and Gauri further by her sweet approach. She gains a chadava from Oberois. Shivay asks Siddhi if she is looting the family. Dadi and Siddhi tell him that the chadava is negligible as its true devotion that matters. Siddhi proves to Oberois that she isn’t greedy like other fake Godly figures. Shivay worries when he fails to prove anything. Bhavya gets information about Siddhi. She exposes all the crimes of Siddhi. Shivay and Anika also realize that they have read about Siddhi’s crimes in the newspapers. They don’t want people to ruin their lives by believing Siddhi.

Omkara tells them that Siddhi hypnotizes people and robs their houses. Shivay comes up with a plan to expose Siddhi. Siddhi turns dramatic and makes a fool of herself. Shivay conceals his plan. He knows Siddhi will try to spike the food and take advantage of the family. Siddhi tells Gauri that she will prepare the prasad for the puja herself. Siddhi adds the drugs in the food and wants to hypnotize everyone for her profits. She asks everyone to consume the prasad. Shivay creates a hurdle for her. He asks Siddhi to have the prasad and prove herself if she is true. Shivay upsets Dadi for a while. He then reveals Siddhi’s robbery to the family. He threatens to send Siddhi to jail.


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