Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (PicFiction): A drift in KaiRa’s life to boost up drama

YRKKH Twist Kartik undergoes distressed dilemma

Naira didn’t expect Shubham to consume the drugs after promising her to reform. She was wishing Shubham’s life to come on track. Naira gets abandoned by Kartik and Goenkas, after Shubham loses his life. Goenkas blame Naira for her non-availability in the needful hour. They wish Naira told them the truth that Shubham is a drug addict. Suwarna feels she did a big mistake by counting on Naira. Goenkas have a big suffering over heart.

Manish slips in trauma after losing Shubham. Kartik finds the family sinking in grief. He turns helpless as he knows it was Naira’s mistake. Kartik doesn’t believe Naira when she clarifies. Another bad incident occurs when Naira falls in huge trouble and falls down the terrace, which leaves her injured. Kartik gets mistaken that Naira has left from Goenka house, while keeping her ego. He gets heartbroken over Naira’s leaving.

Two years pass on. Naira is away in Mumbai, while the Goenkas move on in lives. Kids get memories of Kartik’s birthday, which upsets everyone. Manish gets grateful to Akhilesh for managing the business in his absence. Kartik gets to see Suwarna’s hatred for Naira. Suwarna doesn’t want Naira’s memories in the family. She gets all the belongings of Naira thrown out. Manish asks Suwarna to control on her emotions. Suwarna manages the office, while Kartik stays in his sorrow. Kartik gets angry on the servant. He hates Naira and doesn’t want to see her photo. He fires the servant. Kartik sinks in sorrow and lives as a drunkard. Manish cries seeing his son’s pain. Suwarna asks Kartik to have breakfast. She cares for Kartik. Suwarna and Kartik ease out each other’s sorrowful time. Kartik understands her more as she has lost Shubham forever. Suwarna doesn’t want to lose Kartik the same way as Shubham. Kartik decides to sign the papers. Suwarna asks him to end the issues as soon as possible.

Kartik meets Kirti. He signs the legal papers and hands it over to her. Kartik hides his sorrow. Kirti asks Kartik to not stay upset with Naira. She requests him to talk to Naira once. Kartik controls his anger. Kirti asks him to release his anger. Kartik dismisses her request. He asks Kirti not to take Naira’s name again. Kirti feels bad seeing Kartik ruining his life himself. She wants Kartik to bridge the gaps. She prays for Kartik and Naira’s union. Naira lives her life with Kartik’s memories.

She manages herself independently, without the back up of Singhanias. Naira goes down the memory lane. She misses Kartik. She recollects the day when she lost Shubham and got separated from Kartik. Kirti tries to contact Naira, but in vain. Naira gets happy to have Naitik with her. Naitik supports Naira in her new journey. He wishes to see a smile on Naira’s face. Naira acts strong in front of Naitik. He encourages her to take admission in college. Manish wants to direct Kartik’s life and hands over an important project to him. Kartik and Naira look ahead to new dreams, while destiny brings them to the same place.


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