Jiji Maa: Falguni to help Suyash find the truth

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Falguni as Lazer tries to make Suyash happy and cheerful like before. She doesn’t want Suyash to lose his positivity because of her. She wants to explain him that Falguni didn’t cheat him, maybe the culprit behind the conspiracy is someone else. She tells him that she got married to a rich guy, but he didn’t believe her and made her out of the home by ending relations. He thinks of expelling Falguni from the house because of a similar situation. She tells him that she wasn’t at fault. She explains him that people don’t understand things because of their anger.

She turns out to be helpful for the villagers and others. Suyash gets surprised knowing more about Lazer. She irritates him a bit by taunting on his past. She tells him that criminals can’t be trusted, if a criminal can murder someone for money, he can lie for money too. She asks him how can someone believe a criminal than a life partner. He finds a meaning in her words. He thinks to meet Falguni and know the truth. Falguni challenges him for skipping ropes without a halt. Suyash proves that he is fit. Falguni has come home in Lazer’s disguise for ten days to change Suyash’s perception and find the legal wall. She finds a chance to enter Uttara’s room. She checks the cupboard. She fails to find the will.


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