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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:
    Daali gets a gift from Kanhaiya, while he keeps his identity undisclosed. He then reminds her about their childhood moments, which strike her heart. She realizes that the gift is sent by her friend, whom she loves a lot. She admits that she is in love with her childhood friend. Kanhaiya gets happy to hear that. He finds her crying for her love. His heart wishes him to go to Daali and reveal truth. He takes time to prove his name clear from the robbery in Astha Nivas. Daali gets restless to know about her friend. She meets Janki and tells him about the surprise gift she received. Janki doesn’t help her by revealing Kanhaiya’s truth. Janki wants Daali to open her eyes and see her lover in Kanhaiya. He doesn’t answer her, as he is bound by a promise given to Kanhaiya. Daali visits some place to know about Kanhaiya’s true identity. She finds some connection between Kanhaiya and her friend. Daali then learns a shocking news about her friend.


    Dadi tells Shivay that Siddhi Maai is a real miraculous lady. Shivay doesn’t believe so. Gauri asks Shivay to follow Siddhi’s instructions for a good future. He tells Gauri that he doesn’t care for anything, as he is not a superstitious person. Dadi asks Shivay not to insult Siddhi, when he calls the latter a fraud. Dadi asks him to at least respect Siddhi for the sake of their happiness. Siddhi finds him ignorant and forgives him. She tells Dadi that Shivay will gain much knowledge about devotion when he becomes her devotee. She finds him egoistic. She asks him to learn the power of belief and devotion. Shivay doesn’t listen to her. Dadi compels him to follow the blind faith customs. Siddhi tries to show some miracles to Shivay. Anika and Omkara get to hear Siddhi’s opinion about Shivay. Shivay asks Siddhi not to tell him about himself, as he knows the best about everything.


    The show takes a leap of eight months. Ishita does some good deeds by giving away charity at a NGO. Ishita gets praised for her humble donation. Ishita prays that Pihu gets freed from juvenile home. Ishita wants to bring good moments in the orphans’ lives. She finds it hard to pass eight months without her children. Ishita goes to meet Pihu, who is getting released. Ishita and Raman are seen in their happy worlds. Raman is happy that Pihu is coming home. Ishita collects the sweets from the shop. She wishes Pihu stays happy. Mrs. Bhalla gets troubled by Simmi and Parmeet.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Two years pass on. Naira is away in Mumbai, while the Goenkas move on in lives. Kids get memories of Kartik’s birthday, which upsets everyone. Manish gets grateful to Akhilesh for managing the business in his absence. Kartik gets to see Suwarna’s hatred for Naira. Suwarna doesn’t want Naira’s memories in the family. She gets all the belongings of Naira thrown out. Manish asks Suwarna to control on her emotions. Suwarna manages the office, while Kartik stays in his sorrow. Kartik gets angry on the servant. He hates Naira and doesn’t want to see her photo. He fires the servant. Kartik sinks in sorrow and lives as a drunkard. Manish cries seeing his son’s pain. Suwarna asks Kartik to have breakfast. She cares for Kartik.


    Satya wants to find a way to reach Susheel. He plays Susheel’s DVD and cries seeing her. He wishes to see Susheel once again. He finds a clue which can take him to Leela. Leela asks Jhanno to switch off the video. She threatens the family again. She tells them that she will harm Susheel if they do anything against her by seeking help from police. She doesn’t know that Sarthi has known her crimes. Sarthi makes a plan to send a tracker to Leela. She wants to fulfill Susheel’s dreams by getting Leela punished. She decides to play a drama, and hopes Satya understands her. Satya gets lost in Susheel’s memories. Kali consoles him. She gives him hopes that everything will get fine. He doesn’t think its easy to expose Leela. Kali asks him not to lose courage. Sarthi meets Satya with a plan, knowing Leela is watching her. Sarthi asks Satya to read the file. Satya reads her message.

    He agrees to support her. Satya and Sarthi have a fake argument to fool Leela. Sarthi tells Satya that she has filed a legal case against him. Leela asks Satya to burn the file. Satya shouts out Leela’s innocence on her orders. Sarthi wants the file to reach Leela. Leela asks Satya not to have any emotions for Susheel in heart. Satya tries to reach Leela. He guesses that Leela is hiding in their house itself. Leela tortures Susheel more, while hiding in the secret room. Satya decides to make a plan to stop Leela. He tries to communicate with Kali and Sejal. They get signs that Leela is hiding at home and eating the food prepared by Kali. Leela injects Susheel and makes sure that Susheel is unconscious. Leela gets mad in her revenge. Sarthi finds hard to reach Leela. She makes a masterplan to find her. She contacts Satya to share her plans. Sarthi wants to detect the hidden cameras at home and know where is Leela.


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