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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
    Sikandar finds it hard to balance between Amyra and Kulfi, who get jealous if he loves any either of them more. Sikandar goes to talk to Kulfi. She gets sad and misses her mum. He also feels low after his fight with Lovely. He wants things to get fine in life. He tells Kulfi that he loves her a lot, and he will be with her in absence of her mum and uncle. He cheers up Kulfi and sings a song. He feels bad that Lovely has used someone’s voice to make Amyra’s career. He connects to Kulfi and shares his problem. Sikandar sings the song sung by Kulfi, which Amyra has sung in front of the music director. He doubts that Lovely has used Kulfi’s voice. He has a hidden motive to sing in front of her.

    Kulfi also sings with him. Amyra sees him with Kulfi and gets annoyed with him. She asks him not to give her share of love to Kulfi. She reminds his promise that he won’t love anyone else than her. She tells him that she will just listen to Lovely now, who doesn’t break promises ever. Amyra wants Sikandar to pamper her more, as its her rights. He gets balloons for Amyra and tries to know her planning. She tells him that she wants to give balloons to Kulfi as a gift. He wants to get Amyra on a right path. He asks Amyra not to use someone’s voice, as its like a cheat.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naitik tells Naira that she should get admission in the college and pursue further studies. Naira gets to see Kartik and her pictures which weakens her. She sheds tears in his memory. She doesn’t let Naitik know about her emotions. She tells Naitik that she wants to submit the form. Naitik gets happy with her decision to move on in life. Kirti messages Naitik that Kartik has signed the legal documents. Naitik doesn’t reveal the matter to Naira. Naira gets admission in the same college where Kartik is going to handle a project. Manish wants Kartik to takeover the project and puts his best efforts to keep Goenkas name. Kartik doesn’t agree at first. Manish wants Kartik to stay occupied. He asks Kartik to fulfill the project at the college premises. Naira doesn’t want anything to affect her dreams.

    Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

    Vijay will get Pankaj punished. He has succeeded to make Pankaj confess the crime. Vijay has got the recording. He is happy that Prabhat will get justice today. The family breaks down and loses control on their emotions. Vijay misses Prabhat and holds himself responsible. He tells Bhabhi that he should have been with Prabhat that day, he would have saved his brother. Bhabhi tells him that he has done a lot for them and got justice for Prabhat too, Prabhat will be proud of him today. She tells Vijay that they all are proud of him. Dadi asks Vijay to get happy that the real culprit is caught, its time they should pray for Prabhat’s soul peace.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita meets Raman when she goes to meet Pihu at the juvenile home. Ishita gets a call from Bala and reminds him about the puja kept in the temple. Mihika recollects helping Raman with the arrangements. The families keep a good bond between them, while terms between Raman and Ishita get spoiled. Raman and Ishita get at loggerheads, while they get Pihu released after her punishment ends. Raman gets angry over Ishita. He blames her for killing Adi and ruining their family. He turns protective for Pihu. He doesn’t want Ishita to meet Pihu. He tells Ishita that Pihu will be just living with her.

    Jiji Maa:

    Falguni understands that Uttara has bribed the officer to stop their company registration. The villagers face a big trouble when they see their hopes breaking. Falguni tells them that she wanted to help them and also the village, but its just darkness around. She gets a new hope as they get information about Shambu. Falguni meets Shambu, hoping that he agrees to help them out. She asks him about the murder committed by Uttara Devi many years ago, in which Gayatri was framed. Shambu denies the matter. He tells Falguni that he isn’t Shambu, whom she is finding. Falguni loses hopes once again. She apologizes to him.

    She tells Teja that she isn’t able to expose Uttara. Falguni gets encouraged by Teja, who asks her to keep her beliefs in Lord. She thanks Teja for helping her keep the hopes. Suyash misses out Falguni. He recollects her memories. He wishes their life was fine as he dreamt for. He keeps a fast for Falguni. Niyati realizes he is observing the fast. She informs Falguni about Suyash’s fast. Falguni gets happy to know it. She decides to meet Suyash. She lands home to meet him, which angers Uttara.


    Shivay asks Siddhi Maai to prove her truth by consuming the laddoo. She challenges him and asks him to become her disciple if she is true. Shivay agrees to her. She eats the laddoo and proves that its perfect. She asks him to serve her by becoming her devotee. Shivay obeys her to keep his word. He gives prasad to everyone. They all fall asleep after having the laddoos spiked by Siddhi Maai, who plans to rob the Oberoi family. She gets happy fooling Shivay, as she has made him distribute the faulty prasad. She feels Shivay is a big fool. She influences Dadi and asks her to get all her jewelry and assets, so that she can make her attached with family again. Dadi gives away everything to Siddhi Maai. Siddhi fools Dadi of some havan and tries to faint Dadi to run away with the cash and jewelry. Shivay and the entire family get back in time and catch Siddhi red-handed.


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