Shakti: Soumya and Harman’s union gets a possibility

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Sameer has done a big mistake by proposing Soumya for marriage. Soumya is much hurt. She feels sorry to slap Sameer. She decides to leave Sameer’s house. She is ready to face new problems after leaving the shelter. Soumya doesn’t want Sameer to have any such dreams. She thinks to leave for a new journey, unaware of the destination. She recalls the drama that happened in Sameer’s birthday. She hugs a teddy and shares her problems. She packs her bag. Sameer’s mum meets Soumya and tries to feed her food. She pampers Soumya as a mother. She doesn’t want Sameer to get Soumya’s love forcibly. She feels Sameer has taken the step hurriedly, which resulted bad.

She wants Sameer to get Soumya’s love on its own. Sameer and his mum wanted Soumya in their lives. Sameer’s mum realizes her mistake as they attempted to convince Soumya very soon. She understands Soumya’s annoyance. Sameer learns Soumya’s decision to leave the house.

Sameer and his mum apologize to Soumya, and convince her to stay back with them. Soumya forgives them. Sameer gets a bouquet and sorry card for Soumya. Sameer waits for Soumya to forgive him from heart. Sameer gets happy when Soumya smiles seeing the sorry card. She forgives Sameer. She knows Sameer is clean-hearted and straight forward. Soumya talks to Sameer like before. Sameer gets happy that Soumya has forgiven him. He dances happily. Soumya and Sameer’s mum smile seeing his dance. Sameer’s mum hugs Sameer and Soumya.

On the other hand, Harman and Jasleen get injured Kishan Lal home. Harak gets a big shock on seeing him. Harman asks the family not to ask anything, let them first treat Kishan Lal. Preeto asks Harak to stay away. She locks up Harak. She tells Harak that Harman will question Kishan Lal and know who is the person, creating hurdles for Haramn to reach Soumya. She wants to know who has paid Kishan Lal to shoot at Harak. She knows someone is stopping Harman and Soumya from uniting. Harak gets worried that his truth will come out. Kishan Lal names Maninder to be the culprit. He lies to them and saves Harak. Surbhi and everyone get surprised knowing Maninder is the mastermind. Surbhi feels bad seeing many enemies plotting against Soumya. Harman and Soumya will be meeting soon.


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