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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Ishqbaaz: Shivay gets confused with Anika’s over sweet behavior. She likes to maintain the suspense. She asks him to come for breakfast. He asks her to say what’s the matter. Bhavya gets panicking and tells them that Rudra is missing. She tells them that she is unable to contact Rudra. Anika asks Bhavya not to worry. She asks if they had any fight. Bhavya tells them that she didn’t had any argument with Rudra. She worries for Rudra. Khanna tells them how Rudra seemed lost when he left the house. Bhavya traces Rudra’s phone. Shivay and Omkara tell her that they will find Rudra. They check at his regular hangouts. They then reach the pub and find him dancing with the girls. On confronting Rudra, he tells them about his big problem. Shivay asks Rudra why is he making them worry for him by partying early morning. Rudra tells them that his life is finished because of a big sorrow. He cries in front of his elder brothers.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Pihu gets a good welcome home. Aaliya goes to meet Shagun and finds her depressed. She doesn’t want Shagun to isolate herself. Shagun asks Aaliya not to disturb her. Aaliya worries seeing her. Shagun tells her that she failed to do anything to save Adi, she regrets the fact that Ishita has killed her son. Aaliya tells about Pihu coming home. Shagun refuses to meet Pihu. She tells Aaliya that Pihu is Ishita’s daughter, a murderer like Ishita, she doesn’t care for Pihu any more, even when she has given birth to Pihu and raised her. Aaliya asks her not to punish Pihu this way. Shagun doesn’t want to see Pihu. She asks Aaliya if she isn’t angry on Ishita. Aaliya feels Ishita hasn’t done wrong to kill Adi, but she did wrong to support Roshni than the family. She hates Ishita for favoring Roshni.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naitik gets upset regarding Kartik’s decision about the dance academy. He realizes Naira has withdrawn all her rights on the academy. He doesn’t want Naira and Kartik’s relation to spoil. He wishes they stay together. He feels Naira’s life changed a lot after Shubham’s death. Manish also wishes he could do something for Kartik. He wants Kartik and Naira to unite back. He prays for Kartik’s happiness. He wants Kartik to go to Mumbai and handle the project. He tells Suwarna that he isn’t selfish like her, they should help Kartik move on. He asks Suwarna to let Kartik get away from them, so that he can find a new start. Kartik refuses to go. Manish compels him to head the project.


    Leela fails to know Satya and Sarthi’s plans, as she stays engaged with Sejal and Kali’s drama. Satya tries to locate the cameras hidden in the house. He is sure to trace Leela and reach her to save Susheel from the captivity. Satya fails to track the cameras. His attempt turns futile as Leela learns someone is trying to find her. She succeeds to hide from Satya. Leela threatens to destroy everyone if they mock her further. Satya calls Sarthi and tells her that remote is faulty, he couldn’t find Leela’s location. She gives him another idea of tracking Leela by observing her footprints.

    Jiji Maa:

    Falguni comes home to meet Suyash and break his fast. She tells Uttara that she has come to take her treasure box which she left in her room. Falguni argues with almost everyone at home and tries to reach Suyash. Uttara doesn’t want Falguni to enter the house. Suyash meets Falguni. He returns the box to her. He thinks of Lazer’s words and wants to give another chance to Falguni. He stays distant from her. Falguni succeeds to end his fast. Suyash tells her that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t want her back in his life. He acts rude towards her, while she understands his love. Falguni then takes Lazer’s disguise to reach Ambua and protest against Uttara in order to form a cooperative. She goes on a hunger strike, when Uttara tells the workers that she strongly opposes their strike.

    She then devises a clever plan to fail Lazer. She acts like a sympathizing person for the entire village and tells them that she thinks of the welfare for everyone. She tries to make the workers against Lazer and Teja. She knows Lazer can form a union. Niyati tells Falguni that she has played a game by which Uttara will be out. She plans to scare Uttara by spoiling her food. Niyati troubles Uttara a lot. She doesn’t let Uttara have food, as Falguni is also on hunger strike. She wants to help Falguni the way she can. Niyati also doesn’t eat food to support Falguni. Zeenat compliments Niyati and Falguni’s bonding and love. Uttara gets a doubt that Falguni and Lazer are same. She asks Shom to clear her doubt by finding truth.


    1. I’m missing the best jodi of namkaran, avenil, and missing the namkaran too… I am missing you zain…..


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