Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to question Ishita’s rule of justice

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Pihu gets a good welcome home. Aaliya goes to meet Shagun and finds her depressed. She doesn’t want Shagun to isolate herself. Shagun asks Aaliya not to disturb her. Aaliya worries seeing her. Shagun tells her that she failed to do anything to save Adi, she regrets the fact that Ishita has killed her son. Aaliya tells about Pihu coming home. Shagun refuses to meet Pihu. She tells Aaliya that Pihu is Ishita’s daughter, a murderer like Ishita, she doesn’t care for Pihu any more, even when she has given birth to Pihu and raised her. Aaliya asks her not to punish Pihu this way. Shagun doesn’t want to see Pihu. She asks Aaliya if she isn’t angry on Ishita. Aaliya feels Ishita hasn’t done wrong to kill Adi, but she did wrong to support Roshni than the family. She hates Ishita for favoring Roshni.

Pihu enjoys being with the family again. Pihu gets scared on seeing Parmeet in between the family. Raman asks her not to stay scared of Simmi or Parmeet, as they won’t be able to harm her now. He doesn’t care about Parmeet’s taunts. Pihu deals with the sorrow of losing Adi. Ruhi promises Pihu that she will take her to Ishita. Ishita stays with Roshni. She is happy that Pihu came back home.

Ishita apologizes to Adi and tells him to forgive her, as she had no option than to shoot at him to save one life. She misses her son. Ishita pampers Roshni and cares for her. Roshni thanks Ishita for doing so much for her. Roshni too absorbs herself in work to forget the past. Raman and Ishita sink in sorrow over Adi’s loss and their changed terms. They lives become worse since Adi’s death. Raman confronts Ishita for killing Adi, and not thinking of giving him a second chance. Raman misses Adi a lot. Ishita too feels lonely. Raman scolds her for ruining his life. He asks her society to remove her from the apartment. Ishita clarifies her move. Ishita doesn’t get his apology. Romi and Mihika try to calm down drunk Raman. They don’t want Raman to create a scene and hurt others. Ishita feels bad seeing Raman’s state. Raman asks her to stay away from Pihu.


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