Ishqbaaz: Shivay to educate the family about planned parenthood


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra enjoy with some kids in the park. Rudra feels he can’t handle the little kids, as they mess up the life. Shivay finds a way to explain him that kids are a boon. They hear some ladies complaining the kids issues, how the kids influence life and end their young days. Rudra also feels he shouldn’t become a dad so soon. Shivay and Omkara get Rudra home. Rudra tells Bhavya that he doesn’t want a child. Bhavya gets puzzled by his immature talk. He tells her that he isn’t ready to embrace fatherhood. Anika and Gauri get happy knowing Bhavya’s good news. They all congratulate Bhavya. Bhavya denies the news. Bhavya tells Rudra that she isn’t pregnant, she just felt dizzy after the jog.

Dadi tells Rudra that she was just teasing him. Rudra tells her that he isn’t ready to become a father because of the issues. He gets happy that his fears ended. Shivay and Omkara also get relieved as Rudra’s problems ended. Shivay tells Gauri that he is also happy that the news is false, as Rudra is too young to manage responsibility. He clears the fact that even he isn’t ready to take such responsibility, he doesn’t want to have a child so early. Anika gets a big shock on knowing his decision. Dadi tells Shivay that child is necessary to take his family ahead, they want a heir for Oberoi empire. Gauri also tells them that children depict Lord. Anika asks Shivay to tell his preferences about having a family. Dadi asks Shivay to think about other’s wishes rather than being selfish. Dadi explains Shivay that she is yearning to see his children.

Shivay tells Dadi that he doesn’t want to listen to people and society, just he has a right to decide for himself. She doesn’t want to compete with others for the sake of the society. Gauri tells them that children are necessary to build a family. Shivay tells them that child should come when the couple is ready to take the responsibility. Anika understands him. Shivay doesn’t succeed to explain them well. He tells them that he will explain them his point of view. He educates his family by taking them to an imaginary world. He wants to tell them that none from relatives and society should pressurize a person.

He tells them that person shouldn’t miss living his life to fulfill the criteria of the society. He tells them that he was born free, but the society started ruining his life, he has become a puppet to fulfill everyone’s expectations, he forgot to live his life as he was serving other’s hopes. He arranges a musical drama to explain his point. He asks them why shall a person do everything in life by following the people who aren’t concerned at all, where does a person’s real happiness lies, why should he work out everything by getting in pressure. He tells them that he doesn’t want to face troubles, he feels happy to be with Anika the way they are, he doesn’t want anyone to comment on his personal life.

He wants people to live their lives on their own terms. He also wants people to let him live the way he wants. He tells them that people will not get quiet even if they get a child, people will always talk, they won’t stop at any point, they can’t have children to please the society. He proves his point that a couple has the right to decide their happiness. Shivay tells Anika that they should have a child when they both are ready. He asks Anika to think of the realities and then take a decision.


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