Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Destiny to bring KaiRa together yet again

Kartik and Naira to unite

Manish and Suwarna find Kartik having high fever. Manish asks Kartik to board the flight, even if he has high fever, as the meeting is much important. He tells Suwarna that no one can handle the meeting and its important for Kartik to represent the Goenkas. Suwarna decides to not send Kartik. She worries for Kartik. She gets panicking with her fears rising. On the other hand, Naksh gets insecure when he finds Naitik just concerned for Naira. He feels Naitik should look into his matters as well. Naitik tells Naksh that he has missed to check his work, as he is busy with Naira’s admission.

Naksh feels sad as Naitik got distant from him. Kirti pacifies Naksh by understanding his annoyance. She understands the storm in Naksh’s heart. She wishes Kartik and Naira unite and mend all the relations in harmony again. She thinks to take a step to unite Kartik and Naira.

Naira misses Kartik a lot and sees him everywhere. Kartik too misses her, but gets angry on himself for getting her thoughts. He restricts himself. Kartik and Naira get a glimpse of each other, which leaves them restless. Kartik wishes to see her once, even when his mind stops him. Manish shares the good news with Kirti, that Kartik has gone to Mumbai. He tells her that it was too tough for him to convince Kartik, but he hopes that Kartik meets Naira in Mumbai.

Kirti tells him that they should try to bring Kartik and Naira together again. Manish prays for it. Kartik and Naira reach the same college, where Naira got admission and Kartik joined as trustee to handle the takeover. Goenkas and Singhanias get the invite from Agarwal family. Suwarna doesn’t want to attend the wedding as she doesn’t want to face Singhanias. Bhabhimaa decides to attend the wedding to honor the invite. Manish convinces Suwarna to attend the wedding, as Agarwals are close to them. Kartik goes for the meeting to finish the formalities of the takeover. Naira tries to find about her admission. She gets the admission, but her name gets printed wrong in the list. Naira finishes her admission formalities. Kartik happens to see the list, but doesn’t see her name. Kirti sends him to Naira’s address by an excuse, hoping he will meet Naira. Kartik unwilling reaches Naira’s place. Naitik and Manish pray for KaiRa’s meet.


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