Dil Se Dil Tak: Iqbal’s big sacrifice to plot Parth-Teni’s happy union


Ipshita bonds with Iqbal. She becomes her friend. She shares her pain of not having a mother. She tells Iqbal that she had two mothers, but both aren’t with her, so she is very sad. Iqbal understands her pain. He tells her that she can have friends, he will also become her friend. He gives her a chocolate. He cheers her up. Teni finds Ipshita sleeping and shares her emotions. She loves Ipshita. She remembers that she has given birth to Ipshita. Teni embraces her and apologizes for the bad behavior. She feels sorry that she is leaving from her life. Ipshita holds her hand in sleep. Teni feels more connected to her.

Teni’s dilemma continues. She has regained her memories. She can’t even express her feelings to Parth, as she is going to marry Iqbal. She is much helpless to keep her promise. Iqbal asks Teni if she really loves him. Teni doesn’t answer him. She avoids the question. He jokes to make her smile. She thinks she can’t feel weak in such a moment, when Iqbal is looking ahead to marry her. Iqbal gives her hand to Parth and gets them married.


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