Ishqbaaz: Anika to make a shocking revelation to Shivay


After Shivay explains the family the consequences of having a child by getting under family pressure, Anika feels sorry to hide a big news from him. Gauri expresses her views on the matter. She tells him that children are happiness, they mean a world to parents, its not wrong if society asks a couple to have children, they aren’t asking them to experience anything terrible. She tells Shivay that babies are really blessings from Lord. She asks Shivay to think of the good time when he gets his child and enjoys life with him. She asks Obros to imagine their children, its really good to have such moments of joy, which will end all the sorrow and problems in their lives. Anika agrees with Gauri. She wants to experience motherhood.

Gauri asks Shivay how can he stop Anika from gaining that happiness. He tells her that she is right, but he wants to have a child when Anika and he are ready from heart.

He tells them that reality is something different than they watch on television, its not the happy moments again, things change between a couple as well, life can’t be just green all the time, there will be times when baby’s needs comes first and issues get created between a husband and wife. He asks them to think about the pros and cons well. He tells them that child shouldn’t become a burden for them, both the parents should be sure of their decision and also stay happy. He tells them that things can take a drastic change if they hurry to have a child. He explains that fights become very common in a couple’s lives after a baby comes to take their priorities. Shivay keeps his perception out and clear in front of them.


He asks them to understand that they can’t invite problems in life by obeying the rules and customs of the society, they should welcome children in life when they are mentally prepared by their own wish. Anika agrees with Shivay. She tells him that she doesn’t want to fight with him, she wants the relation to stay lovely and beautiful ever.

Gauri tells Shivay that she knows the problems what will come with the child, but she is ready to take up the responsibility. Omkara tells Gauri that he will always support Gauri’s opinion, he will become a good father, unlike his father. He doesn’t want to commit mistakes like Tej. He tells Gauri that he will become best dad of the world. Gauri and Omkara decide to have children, whenever Lord blesses them. Dadi tells them that she isn’t disappointed with anyone’s opinion, they should take the responsibility whenever they want by their self will, she will never pressurize them for the good news. Anika gets tensed and hides the matter.

Shivay understands Anika isn’t happy with his decision. He tries to know what’s hurting her. Anika tells him that he isn’t wrong and he did the right thing to speak up on time. She breaks her pregnancy news to Shivay. He gets a big shock knowing that she is expecting. She shows the cradle she bought for the child. She feels she has learnt his decision today when she wanted to tell him about her pregnancy. She tells him that she didn’t confirm her pregnancy till now, but even if its positive, she will abort the child. Shivay apologizes to him for all his words. He asks Anika why didn’t she tell him anything. She doesn’t want Shivay to worry. He tells her that he is with her all the time, their child won’t be aborted, he will never run away from his responsibility. He encourages her to go for the tests and be confident that he is with her. They have a sweet moment of together. He stays tensed to get the confirmed results of her pregnancy.



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