Udaan: Suraj to lose his belief in Vivaan


Suraj gets doubtful of Archana. He learns the truth that Archana is someone who is helping the evil person. Chakor thanks Suraj for understanding him. She gets new hopes. Suraj then acts indifferent. He plays with Saanvi and falls asleep. Chakor tells Vivaan about Imli. Suraj stops Vivaan from playing with Saanvi. He asks Vivaan not to dare touch Saanvi again. Suraj gets a new chance to get angry on Vivaan. He hears Saanvi crying. He asks Vivaan why is he after Saanvi all the time. He says this is not the way to treat kids, you know how I play with Saanvi, you can’t raise her in air, she got frightened. Vivaan understands his mistake. He calms down Suraj. He asks Suraj to trust him, he won’t do this again.

Suraj has seen Vivaan’s villainous side. He asks Vivaan to stay away from them. Suraj upsets Vivaan. Suraj asks how can I trust you, you were going to kill us yesterday, what’s happening in this house, Chakor sees Imli here and Vivaan was attacking us, I m worried for both of you.

He asks Chakor about the rod placed on the bed. Chakor tells Suraj that she has kept the rod for safety, what if Imli comes to attack, she is alive, she isn’t imaginative. Suraj doesn’t want to understand. He asks them to sit together and discuss their doubts. She says you are not supporting me, I have to protect Saanvi, better understand it before time. Suraj says I m taking Saanvi with me, Imli isn’t alive. Chakor warns Suraj again and again. Suraj feels Vivaan is mentally unstable, as he has attacked them. Chakor feels Vivaan needs love, he will be happy being with Saanvi. Suraj wants Saanvi’s safety. Suraj scolds Chakor for believing Vivaan so much. He gets jealous seeing their bonding. There is again a clash between Suraj and Chakor.


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