Ikyawann: Leela to get instigated by Sejal’s threatening


Sejal gets into an argument with Leela. She threatens Leela of handing her over to police. Sejal doesn’t get scared of Leela any more. Satya runs to seek help from Sarthi. He finds her house locked. He doesn’t understand where did she go. Leela threatens them about Susheel again. Sejal tells Leela that she will reach her very soon and then teach her a lesson. Leela asks Sejal to go ahead and do whatever she wants, but she won’t know about Susheel then. She gets angry on Sejal’s planning. Leela asks Satya to stop Sejal. She reminds them about Susheel. Satya asks Sejal not to threaten Leela. Leela isn’t ready to give up so easily. Sejal feels Leela is playing games with her, she can never kill Susheel, who is much strong. She asks Kali not to get scared, else Leela will use their fears.

She tells the family that Leela can’t kill Susheel. Leela shoots Susheel and informs Sejal that she has killed Susheel to prove it to her. She fulfills her promise. Satya gets worried for Susheel. Mehul tries to find Susheel. He doesn’t know since when will he hide about Susheel from his dad. He believes Susheel didn’t do anything wrong. Mehul gets tensed when his dad returns home. He hides the wanted posters from his dad, who is now proud of Susheel. Mehul doesn’t want Susheel to upset anyone in the family again. He feels proud of Susheel and prays that she returns home. Shivam and Dada ji learn that Susheel is assumed to be a wanted criminal. They receive a big shock.

Satya scolds Sejal for provoking Leela to kill Susheel. Sejal tells Satya that they have to get Leela arrested. Satya tells Sejal that he has kept patience only for Susheel’s sake. Kali stops their arguments. She asks them not to lose to Leela by fighting. She worries for Susheel’s life. Sarthi tries to find out where is Leela. Leela sends Susheel’s blood stained tshirt home. The family breaks down with the evidence. Sejal’s courage shatters. Satya scolds Sejal for her mistake. Susheel’s family meets Ajmera family. Dada ji declares that he will support Susheel. Leela realizes Satya and Sarthi/Fighter Didi are really close to find her and Susheel. She decides to fulfill her enmity and revenge by killing Susheel. She escapes from Satya when he raids her room. Leela takes shelter at another place and continues the evil hide and seek game of threatening. Satya continues to search for Leela.


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