Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara attempts to secure Kabeer’s life

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Zara gets tortured by Ghazal. Zara doesn’t understand why Ghazal is venting out anger on her. Ghazal tells her that she is Shiraz’s wife and she wants to see what did Shiraz see in Zara that he left her. She makes Zara dress like a bride. She accuses Zara for snatching her husband. Kabeer learns Ghazal’s hatred for Zara. He gets caught by Ghazal too. The men torture Kabeer by pouring chilli in his eyes. Ghazal turns mad to exact her revenge. Ghazal has much pain in heart. She tells Zara that she loved Shiraz a lot, but she is much hurt by his deceive.

She makes Zara stand on the stool and ties her with ropes. She drops some rats in the cell to torture Zara. Zara asks Ghazal to leave her free, just be scared of Lord. Ghazal doesn’t listen to her. Zara asks her to at least leave Kabeer. She surrenders to Ghazal. She says you can kill me, but leave Kabeer, as he is innocent, he didn’t kill Shiraz. She begs for Kabeer’s life.


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