Jiji Maa: Falguni to rule out Suyash’s growing suspicions

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness

Pandit ji tells Suyash about Uttara’s mannat, she wishes for her son’s happiness and made a big mannat to take all the miseries and pains in her side. Suyash asks pandit to explain Uttara not to do anything such. Pandit tells Uttara that he has done all the arrangements as she told him to. He lays the glass pieces. Uttara doesn’t listen to Suyash and walks on glass, while Suyash keeps his hands under her feet. Suyash gets wounded. Uttara sheds tears. She feels Suyash shouldn’t have hurt himself. She acts like a concerned mother. She asks driver to take Suyash to the hospital. Falguni tells Uttara that she will expose her soon. Uttara challenges her and tells Falguni that she will bring her secret out that she is Lazer. Uttara tells her that she will hurt Suyash if Falguni dares to come in her way again.

Falguni feels bad seeing Suyash’s pain. Falguni can’t tolerate Suyash’s wounds. Falguni as Lazer reaches Rawat house to create a drama in Uttara’s grand party. Falguni gets drunk and creates chaos.


Falguni knows Uttara knows her identity truth. She doesn’t care and insults Uttara during her act. She asks the DJ to play the music. Falguni mocks Suyash and Uttara. She asks the people to leave as the party is over. Falguni tries to assure Suyash that she isn’t Falguni. Suyash takes her aside and asks her what’s this drama. He tells her that he knows Falguni, who can never do such cheap drama. She ends Suyash’s doubts.


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