Shakti: Sameer’s emotional dilemma to turn him negative


Soumya prepares for Vatsavitri puja. She is missing Harman. She doesn’t know how she will see Harman and break her fast. She wishes Harman meets her. Sameer accompanies Soumya when she shops for the puja items. She loves Harman a lot. She worries for his life and future. She is away from Harman and his family. She thinks of Harman all the time. Sameer tells Soumya that he will go Gurdaspur and find out Harman. Soumya doesn’t want him to go. Sameer and his mum convince her to let them help and find out Harman’s news. Sameer says Gurdaspur isn’t fine, I will go today and come in some time, don’t worry for anything.

Soumya doesn’t think its needed. Sameer’s mum supports Soumya for the puja, knowing Soumya loves Harman a lot. Sameer tells Soumya that he is worried for her, he wants to visit Soumya and Harman’s families. He wants Soumya to be happy. He has fallen in love with Soumya. He doesn’t want to lose her at any cost. Sameer falls into an emotional dilemma. He wants to see happiness in Soumya’s life, but he doesn’t want her to return to Harman. Sameer stays worried with the fear that he would lose Soumya soon. Sameer will be turning negative in the show, just to obtain Soumya’s love.


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