Udaan: Imli to conceal her existence; Ragini to make a comeback


Chakor gets convinced that Imli isn’t in the haveli. Suraj proves his point by calling the pest control people home. He makes the haveli filled with dangerous pesticides, hoping Imli will come out in front of them, when she fails to tolerate the smoke. He is sure that Imli will be exposed in no time if she is really alive. Imli understands their planning and doesn’t come out of the haveli. She gets critical and runs to storeroom to hide again. Chakor gets to hear Imli’s voice. She sees the ice missing from the fridge. She then finds the blood stains on the floor. She senses Imli is around.

She runs to Suraj to call him and show the blood stains. Chakor has to prove Imli’s evil before Imli succeeds to turn Saanvi into a bandhua. Imli cleans all the evidences again, which brings a rift between Suraj and Chakor again. Chakor’s happiness gets short lived. Suraj scolds Chakor for sticking to her mad beliefs about Imli.

Vivaan’s captor will be soon getting revealed. Vivaan assumes Imli is the one who has held him captive for many years. His doubt will soon get cleared. Ragini is Vivaan’s enemy, as he has ruined her drugs business in the past. She has come back in Vivaan’s life to take revenge for all her losses and defeats. Ragini will be striking Suraj, Vivaan and Chakor’s lives again. Will Ragini spare Imli’s life or join hands with her? Keep reading.


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