Udaan: Vivaan and Chakor to begin hunting for Imli


Chakor has seen Imli and knows her truth. Suraj isn’t ready to believe Chakor. He is fed up because of Chakor’s panicking state. He asks Chakor why does she always spoil his mood when he enjoys with Saanvi, why does she bring Imli between them. Suraj gets jealous of Vivaan, as Chakor is more concerned for the latter. He suspects Chakor to turn more caring towards Vivaan. Chakor tells Suraj that she will make his favorite dish today. She gets scared of Imli’s presence again. She tells Suraj that Imli is alive and even the pesticides didn’t affect her. Suraj asks her to stop it right away, he will not support her in madness.

She tells Suraj that she will find Imli anyhow. She takes few days time from Suraj so that she can catch Imli and put her in front of Suraj. Suraj challenges her to get Imli alive or dead, and if she fails, she won’t mention Imli’s name again.

Chakor takes up the challenge. Vivaan comes ahead to accompany Chakor. Chakor gets Vivaan’s support. Chakor and Vivaan reach the village and try to search for Imli. Vivaan tells Suraj that very soon they will find Imli and bring her to haveli. Chakor then traces Imli’s past and reaches the ashram to know more about her. Chakor and Vivaan learn that Imli has stolen the temple donation savings. Will they find out Imli’s hideout? Keep reading.


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