Ikyawann: Leela gets a chance to settle scores with Parikhs


Mehul tells Dada ji that Susheel is badly trapped by Ajmeras. He couldn’t understand why Satya has got against Susheel. He tells Dada ji that Leela is murdered, and Susheel is accused for the crime. He tells him the series of incidents that followed after Dada ji’s leaving. Dada ji worries that Mehul has been enduring everything alone. Mehul tells him that Susheel was also assumed to be dead, but Susheel had sent him a letter to prove her existence. He tells how Susheel has gone missing again. He wants to wait for Susheel’s return. Dada ji realizes his mistake of always misunderstanding Susheel. He tells Mehul that they will question Satya and get their Susheel back. He wants to prove that he is with Susheel from now on.

Leela gives the news to Satya that Susheel is still alive, as she has shot on just her shoulder. He asks Satya to control Sejal. Sejal apologizes to Satya and Kali, as she didn’t intend to put Susheel in trouble. Parikhs visit Ajmera house to confront Satya. Parikhs ask about Susheel. Dada ji suffers from a minor heart attack while scolding Satya. Kali treats Dada ji. Mehul asks Kali to let them know about Susheel. Kali gets speechless. Satya feels bad that he has trusted Leela and wanted her back in their lives. He tells Leela that now he doesn’t want her to return to them. He reprimands Leela. Leela asks him to get ready for the punishment, as she will not be good to him any more.

Dada ji feels he is paying for his sins. He apologizes to Mehul. He tells him that Lord has punished them this way. Leela forces Kali to turn rude towards Parikh family, which hurts Mehul’s heart. Kali gets upset to do wrong with Susheel’s family.

Jhanno lies to Shivam about Susheel’s blood stained shirt. She tells him that she has wiped red chilli with the shirt. Sejal realizes the shirt has just red dye on it. Sejal learns Leela’s planning and lies. Leela wants to trap Parikhs at home and insult them via her family members. She asks Sejal and Kali to insult Parikhs. She wants Susheel and her family to cry. She threatens them and wants them to berate Parikhs.

Mehul tells Satya that they will leave. Satya apologizes to them and asks them to stay back. Leela asks Satya not to be kind towards Dada ji. Dada ji wishes to see Susheel once. Dada ji and Mehul hear Susheel’s voice and run to see her. They get afraid when Susheel shouts for help. Satya and Kali lie to them that Susheel isn’t there. Sarthi tries to find Leela. She knows Leela is hiding somewhere else. She follows some footprints. Kali gets insulting Susheel’s Dada ji. Satya turns helpless to see this. Leela makes sure that Parikhs feel like hell in her house. Sarthi tracks Leela and wants to hand her over to police. Leela gets caught. She doesn’t leave her adamancy. Leela threatens to kill her. Will Leela escape again? Keep reading.


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