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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Chandra reaches Jhansi to rescue Bismil and others from the police. He gets to learn that he has become an inspiration for the Indians, who understood the value of freedom because of HRA. He plans to direct the Indians in the right path by incorporating them in the battle for freedom. He feels he can’t accomplish this big work alone. He recollects Jagrani’s words that Lord will send someone to help him out and fulfill their goals. Chandra soon meets Bhagat Singh, who feels the pain of dying Indians and defeated country. Bhagat Singh collects the ashes of the Indians, who died by Britishers’ tortures. His dream to free to nation gets more certain. Bhagat Singh aspires to win the freedom by joining hands with Chandra/Azad.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita tells Roshni that she has done everything for Roshni and her coming baby. She shows the decorated room to Roshni. She wants Roshni to feel soothing environment around. She keeps the family pictures around. She wants the baby to remain happy forever. She tells Roshni that she should see Adi’s picture so that it connects with the baby. Roshni asks Ishita about the problems she is hiding. She feels Raman shouldn’t behave bad with Ishita. She asks Ishita not to tolerate Raman’s anger.

    Ruhi asks Aaliya if Shagun really hates Pihu. Aaliya tells Ruhi that its better to keep Shagun and Pihu apart, since Shagun can turn bitter tongued to hurt Pihu. Ruhi wishes Ishita meets Shagun and sorts the issues. Aaliya tells Ruhi that she will not go to request Ishita, who is just concerned for Roshni.


    Mehul tells Dada ji that Susheel is badly trapped by Ajmeras. He couldn’t understand why Satya has got against Susheel. He tells Dada ji that Leela is murdered, and Susheel is accused for the crime. He tells him the series of incidents that followed after Dada ji’s leaving. Dada ji worries that Mehul has been enduring everything alone. Mehul tells him that Susheel was also assumed to be dead, but Susheel had sent him a letter to prove her existence. He tells how Susheel has gone missing again. He wants to wait for Susheel’s return. Dada ji realizes his mistake of always misunderstanding Susheel. He tells Mehul that they will question Satya and get their Susheel back. He wants to prove that he is with Susheel from now on.


    Everyone believes that the superstar Abhimanyu is a gem at heart, who is in much love with his wife Roshni. Anika too wishes that Shivay becomes lovey dovey like Abhimanyu. Gauri tells Anika that Shivay loves Anika a lot, which is very much evident. Rudra shows off his physique to Abhimanyu to gain the media attention. He turns everyone tired of his silly reactions. Rudra wants to prove his physique is better. Gauri wants a selfie with Abhimanyu. She is his big fan. She wants to meet him and have a talk. Everyone doesn’t show interest in supporting Rudra in his weird plannings. Shivay helps out Gauri and introduces her to Abhimanyu. He tells Abhimanyu that Gauri is his big fan and wants a selfie with him.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naira makes a new friend Tanvi in college. Kartik informs Suwarna that he was asked to give a lecture in the college, but he has refused. Suwarna asks him to stay there and give the lecture. She tells him that she will come to Mumbai to meet him. She changes her stubbornness on Manish’s request. Tanvi gets a crush on Kartik. She wishes Kartik is her classmate. Tanvi asks Naira to see the guy once. Naira doesn’t show any interest in her talks. She tells Tanvi about her background. Naira reaches the class for her first lecture, unaware that Kartik is her lecturer. Kartik tells the principal that he will give the lecture to the freshers. Principal gets grateful to him.

    Jiji Maa:

    Falguni wants to make Uttara believe that Lazer and Falguni are different. She jokes on Shom and his wife Mangla. She pleases Mangla and shows Falguni and Lazer’s picture to her. Shom goes to validate the news to Uttara. Uttara tells him that she isn’t convinced till now. Falguni encourages Teja and the workers for running their own business. Teja wants to fulfill the order on time. He believes Falguni’s idea will work for them and they will definitely manage to make a place for their art in the market. Uttara calls Falguni. She gets suspicious when Lazer gets her call. Falguni still tries to fool Uttara. She then attends Uttara’s call and tells her that she is still Rawat family’s bahu.

    Uttara doesn’t want Suyash and Falguni to unite. Falguni asks Uttara not to ruin her life more, as she has already made Niyati against her. She wants to live her life on her terms. She makes it clear to Uttara. Uttara gets tricked by Lazer. Falguni then makes them attend the yoga session. She tries to mislead Uttara. She goes to Uttara’s room to find the will. She checks the documents, but doesn’t get the will. Uttara finds Lazer gone and asks where is she. Niyati alerts Falguni in time and gets her back. Falguni tells Niyati that they have to find the will soon. Niyati asks her to be careful. Balwant keeps Gayatri alive. He asks her about the will hidden in haveli.

    Gayatri refuses to give any details about the will. She feels she has done a big mistake by trusting Uttara. Balwant tortures Gayatri to know about the will. Falguni wishes to know if Suyash still loves her or not. Suyash misses Falguni. She meets him, while he thinks he is imagining her. He tells her that he still loves her. She gets happy to know that he still has feelings for her. He tells her that he doesn’t doubt on her any more, but he isn’t able to believe her completely. She decides to guide Suyash towards the truth.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Eshwarya and Chegu try to run away from the prison, which gets collapsing down after the storm. Eshwarya worries for the prisoners; lives. She asks Chegu to free all the prisoners, even when he warns her. He finds her heart very innocent.

    Eshwarya and Chegu form a group with the prisoners and try to find the way out of the prison. They face many hurdles before they reach the exit. Madhumali follows Chegu and senses that his powers got awakened. She gets angered. After coming out of the prison, the prisoners make a mind to kill Eshwarya and take revenge from Maharaj Shil Aditya for punishing them. Chegu asks Eshwarya why did she care for the prisoners’s lives, after all they were punished for their devilish sides as seen in front of them now.

    Eshwarya scolds the prisoners for being so ungrateful. The prisoners don’t want to spare her life. Chegu fights with the prisoners to save Eshwarya. Chegu then flees with her. Eshwarya tells him that they have to stop Pranali and Angad’s marriage. Maharaj Shil Aditya tells Pranali that Angad has come with the baraat and now there is no reason to stop the marriage. He asks her not to shame him by running away. Pranali agrees for the marriage. Maharaj Shil Aditya assures his second wife Dharani that he will find their daughter Eshwarya soon. He then fulfills his duties by carrying ahead the marriage rituals.

    He washes Angad’s feet with the holy water of Maling’s lake. Angad’s feet start burning, while Madhumali tries to warn Angad about it. Maharaj Shil Aditya gets to see the effect of Maling’s pure water on Angad and gets suspicious of Angad. He senses some evil powers around Angad. Angad plans to distract everyone and sends his goons to kill Eshwarya and Chegu. Maharaj decides to call off the marriage, in order to secure Pranali’s future. Eshwarya attempts to reach the palace, but gets caught by Angad’s goons.


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