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Ranbir saves Kritika from Corporator Ashok when the latter kidnaps her and is about to misbehave with her. Kritika tells him that she is not grateful to him, as she is the one who saved him and asks him not to save her next time. Ranbir tells her that he will save her whenever she is in any trouble, which makes Kritika surprised. They go back home. Malishka tries to trap Ranbir with her sweet talks, but he gives a damn attitude to her. She thinks she will make him hers and one day he will come to her. Ranbir tells Balraj and Mahima that he wants to make Malishka and her Dad Batra feel like guests in their house. Akki tells Balraj that it is the affect of the girl with whom Ranbir was there last night.


Gill warns Sameer to stay away from Soumya and tells about her dangerous family background. Sameer tells him that he can take care of himself and Soumya and not need his advice. Gill’s men aim a gun at him. Sameer snatches the gun and aims at Gill. Gill tells him that he wants his betterment as his father was his friend and they had good relations. Harman is hopeful that Sameer will help him find Soumya and pins his hopes on her.

Soumya makes kheer for Sameer and his mum. Sameer likes the kheer made by her and asks her to tell where she would have gone if she had not met them. Just then doorbell rings and Sameer opens the door. He is shocked to see Harman. Soumya gets up and is about to see Harman. Harman and Soumya miss to see each other. Sameer doesn’t want them to unite.

Savitri Devi:
Dr. Kabir made Sanchi as his puppet using Sunny’s video. He has been blackmailing her to agree to his selfish demands and wants to break her relations with everyone. He asks her to become bad in everyone’s eyes. Sanchi loses her employees, Jaya and Isha’s trust. Priya makes a visit. Sanchi gives her medicine. Dr. Kabir changes her medicine to make her allergic. Veer checks Priya and questions Sanchi. Sanchi realizes Dr. Kabir’s plan. She tells bluntly to Veer that the medicine was allergic on Priya, but she didn’t die, then why is he making it a big issue. Veer and Savitri get shocked by her sudden arrogant behavior.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar clicks Kabeer’s pictures. Zara catches Ruksar in the room. Zara asks Ruksar what is she doing in her room. She asks Ruksar why did she click pictures of her room. Ruksar says I have got flowers for you, I have taken the pictures to have some memories with her. She says I will delete the pictures if you say. Zara asks her to keep the pictures. She asks Ruksar to have harmony in her married life. She ends all the bitterness with Ruksar, by starting a friendship bond. Zara doesn’t want to fight with Ruksar. She fixes a white flower in Ruksar’s hair. She tells Ruksar that she is offering her a white rose so that she can stay in peace in her in-laws house.


Vivaan learns Meera is in touch with Pammi. He gets upset with Meera. He can’t believe Meera was lying to him till now. Vivaan asks Meera to sign the divorce papers. He tells her that its time they get separated. Meera agrees to sign the papers. Their fight gets intense. Meera feels nauseous. The family suspects Meera to be pregnant. Meera doesn’t sign the divorce papers.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi romances Deep, while he avoids her. Aarohi doesn’t let him talk. She tells him that she knows he loves her, else he would have not gone against Tara. She thanks Deep for saving her life. Aarohi and Deep’s happy moments will be seen again. Aarohi dances to woo him. Deep finally rushes to save her when she falls. He shows his attitude. She tells him that they are really made for each other. She then does a suicide drama. She threatens him that she will jump down from the balcony. He asks her to stop, as he can’t see her dying. They have a romantic moment.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live:

Mariam gets into a fight with Fawad in school. She competes with him in the cycle racing. Fawad hits her to make her fall down the cycle and get out of the race. Later, he shuts her inside a room. Mariam’s friends free her. Mariam then locks Fawad in the washroom. Mariam and her friends break Fawad’s toys and accessories.

Mitegi Laxman Rekha:

Kanchan falls in a dilemma to lie and shape up Sheetal’s life. Sheetal’s would be in-laws assume Kanchan to be getting related to Prince Vishesh. Sheetal’s in-laws agree for the marriage based on this misconception. Kanchan talks to Vishesh on call and follows his advice. They happen to talk by twist of fate. He suggests her to lie for someone’s good as long as her intentions are good. Kanchan keeps the lie that she is going to marry Vishesh. Sheetal’s marriage gets fixed. Kanchan and Vishesh have a meet in the royal palace. Vishesh falls in love at first sight.


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