Piyaa Albela: Pooja plots to confront the culprit


Surbhi sees the culprit’s face and witnessing him murdering the tailor who was a prime eyewitness. The culprit senses danger to his life and pushes Surbhi off the stairs, leaving her heavily injured. Rahul rushes her to the hospital, but Doctors couldn’t save their baby. Rahul gets shattered and blames himself for his baby death.

Harish gets arrested as Surbhi signed at him before she was taken to OT. Inspector Shivani arrests him. Naren thinks of an idea and takes Meghna to Police station so that she can touch Harish and tell if he is guilty or not, but Harish refuses to let Meghna touch him and prefers to stay in lockup. He feels hurt as Supriya and Naren don’t show full trust in him. Pooja finds buttons box in one of Vyas Mansion car and realizes who can be the culprit. She shares plan with Naren and asks him to reach the hospital. Naren asks Shivani to help him to save Surbhi’s life. He meets Doctor and asks her to declare Surbhi dead so that danger goes off from her head. The doctor declares her dead shocking everyone.

Later, Naren asks Pooja to hide the proof somewhere at the safe place before the culprit reaches them. He knows that the culprit is having his eyes on their every movement and makes this plan to catch him. Pooja goes to the jungle while talking to Naren via blue tooth. She pretends to hide something and goes towards her car while talking to Naren. The culprit comes there holding a gun. Pooja sees his face and gets shocked. Before she could do anything or take his name, he shoots at her, leaving her injured. Pooja faints and falls down. It is yet to be seen if Naren would be able to save Pooja and get the real culprit arrested.


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